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Bible Study Impacts Lives

Adult Sunday School and Small Group teachers want to see lives changed through Bible study. Jesus and Ezra have provided teachers with powerful and creative ideas to teach the Word of God. This resource was prepared to help experienced teachers, as well as new teachers, to grow in their understanding of Scripture and in ways […]

Staying Connected

We all want to see church membership grow. But what makes members stick? This brochure offers ideas, stats, strategies and reminders that will keep your church added and keeping new people. Don’t allow your church’s momentum to be stifled by lack of planning, attentiveness, or prayer. This timely read will motivate your team to take […]

Experiencing God Resources

The 2016 Featured Doctrinal Study for Louisiana Baptists is Experiencing God. We are challenging a new generation to rediscover the power and transformation of this movement. Experiencing God guides learners to experience the kind of relationship with God through which they come to know and do His will. Through examination of biblical and contemporary illustrations, participants will […]

Go VBS with GOLA

GOLA Vacation Bible School Teams is a ministry to help zero-baptism and low-baptism Louisiana Baptist churches have a successful VBS this summer. The teams of six college students each are chosen from Louisiana Baptist churches and Baptist Collegiate Ministries from across the state and are assigned to churches for a one-week VBS. There is no […]

Rethink Outreach with Small Groups

I wonder sometimes if anyone does outreach anymore. Many Sunday schools, small groups, and churches do not seem to place much priority on visitation, contacts, follow-up and outreach in general. Research continues to reveal that most churches (and their Sunday school/ small groups) are plateaued or declining in their enrollment, attendance and baptisms. Could it be, […]

Starting Groups That Reach, Teach, and Minister

New Classes and Groups are essential to a church’s ministry to reach, teach, and minister to people. New Classes and Groups reach new people more effectively than existing groups. This audio recording is of a seminar led by Rick Howerton, Discipleship and Small Group Specialist, LifeWay Christian Resources, in January 2015. This seminar will provide […]

Discipleship Strategies

Ready for a new discipleship strategy to take your ministry deeper in their walk with Christ? Take a look at Becoming, a church-tested strategy to help church leaders develop adult disciples who are also developing disciples. Becoming is a church-tested strategy for developing disciples of Jesus This biblical and simple approach describes the ‘extinguishers’ method for effective […]

2015 Baptist Doctrine Study Preview

If we ever needed to call the church to be holy it would be today! The six-session 2015 Baptist Doctrine Study, Called to Be Holy, establishes both the relevance and the possibility of biblically based holiness. Stating that every aspect of holiness begins and ends with Scripture. Also a great study for small groups anytime. […]


The purpose of GOLA VBS Teams is to serve as a catalyst to churches in the process of revitalization by implementing a successful VBS to discover prospects for the church. The church’s willingness to conduct adequate planning and follow-up of prospects is imperative. Assignments are made in early April and churches are notified of when, or […]