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Jeff Ingram

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January Bible Study 2021 Preview Videos are now available online!

“Living with Assurance: John’s Epistles” is the theme for January Bible Study 2021. The focus of this study is on how a person’s understanding of Jesus impacts their daily lives in practical ways.

The apostle John wrote to combat false teachers who sought to mislead believers in the early church and continue to do so to this day. “Living with Assurance” will help your people live with assurance of their eternal life by living in light of their relationship with Jesus.

The epistles are outlined as follows:

  1. Fellowship with God (1 John 1)
  2. Remaining in God (1 John 2)
  3. Living as God’s Children (1 John 3, 4)
  4. Living with Love (1 John 3, 4)
  5. Living as Conquerors (1 John 5)
  6. Faithful to Truth (2 John)
  7. Hospitable to Truth (3 John)

We will not be having regional previews this year due to the pandemic. However, Dr. Philip Caples, Pastor, FBC Harrisonburg, LA and Adjunct Professor at Louisiana College, has recorded the previews for this study and can be accessed below:

The Leaders Guide and a Personal Study Guide for the “Living With Assurance: John’s Epistles” study is available for purchase at

If you have questions, please contact Jeff Ingram, Adult Ministry & Church Administration Strategist at or at 318.448.3402

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Jeff Ingram
Hello! I am the Adult Ministry and Church Administration Strategist for Louisiana Baptists. I love meeting one-on-one with church leaders to help them more effectively reach, teach and minister to adults; and I would enjoy meeting with your church leaders to offer guidance in your church administration questions. I recharge by running, reading and gardening.

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