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Pastors, Associates, and Administrators are always in need of church resources. We want to ensure that you are able to find exactly what you’re looking for, as quickly as possible. To that end, we created this resource hub, where you’ll find a collection of helpful tools for ministry.

Find Church Resources

On this page you’ll find links to several pages on our website that could be of service to you. Take a look!

Church Resources
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Church Business

Annual Church Profile

(ACP) Share what God has been doing through your church.

Forms & Resources

(ACP) Tools to help you complete your Annual Church Profile.


Need info on Baptist history? We’ve got you covered!

Church Administration

Serving to help churches implement their limited resources.

Office of Accounting

Offering advice and answers about church finances.

Resumé Services

A service for both pastors and churches.

Sexual Abuse Reporting & Resources

Resources and contact info for reporting abuse.

Church Ministry

Bible Drill

Learn God’s Word and compete with other churches.

Church Planning Guide

Plug your church into what’s happening around the state.

Cooperative Program

Resources to explain and teach about the Cooperative Program.


See what opportunities are available for your church.

Partnership Missions

Join an existing work, or request help with your mission.


Resources to teach the importance of Godly stewardship.


(Sunday School) Strategies for making disciples in the local church.

Louisiana Baptists Links

Annual Meeting

Louisiana Baptists come together to praise God and conduct business.

Annual Report

A look at God’s blessings and how we used those resources.

Associational Mission Strategists

A list of those leading the associations in Louisiana.


View our address, phone numbers, email address and more.

Dr. Horn’s Speaking Schedule

See where Dr. Horn will be speaking in the coming days.


Learn about opportunities and events are approaching. Sign up.

Meet the Staff

Looking for a specific contact? You’ll find them here.

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