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You Can Find it Here

Are you looking for resources? If so, we want to ensure that you are able to find exactly what you’re looking for, as quickly as possible. To that end, we created this resource hub, full of commonly visited pages, to make your search a little easier.

Find What?

On this page you’ll find links to articles, reports, topical issues, and more. We are likely to continue adding resources, so make sure to check back frequently.


Resource Hubs

Church Resources

We created this resource hub, where you’ll find a collection of helpful tools for ministry.


A comprehensive list of the various ministries provided—and supported—by Louisiana Baptists.

Sexual Abuse Response & Resources

A collection of resources designed to help your church respond well to sexual abuse.

Popular Resources


Looking for inspiration, or help in your area of ministry? We write about it all.

Annual Meeting

Every year Louisiana Baptists come together to praise God and conduct business.

Annual Report

A comprehensive look at God’s blessings and how we used those resources.

Bible Drill

Here are 12 things church leaders can do to help protect minors in their care.

Change Me

Dr. Steve Horn’s  28-day guide challenging its readers to personal revival.

Church Planning Guide

Download or order your copy of this valuable planning tool for your church today.

Cooperative Program

By combining our prayers and our resources, we support far-reaching missions.

Disaster Relief

Part of the SBC Disaster Relief effort, Louisiana Baptists are here to help.

Dr. Horn’s Speaking Schedule

Stay up to date with Dr. Horn’s speaking engagements around the state.


Sign up now and get weekly reminders of events, resources, and much more!

Resumé Services

A database for both churches and ministers to help connect them in ministry.

Shepherd’s Rest

This ministry addresses both pastor burn out and church needs with loving care.


Learn how faithful stewardship is foundational to our commission of discipleship.