How to Disciple Families

While it may be tempting to step aside from parenting and avoid conflict, the Brian Haynes encourages parents to do the hard things. The ultimate goal is to pass on a legacy of faith in God and strengthen the family relationship. Brian Haynes combines practical guidance and solid biblical truth to help parents who are […]

3151 Challenge

Here’s an idea that actually worked! Recently I completed an interim pastor position at a church averaging about seventy-five in Sunday School. I presented to the church the 3151 Challenge. The challenge was for each member, during a one month period, to: 3> Pray for THREE lost friends; 1> Learn ONE Gospel presentation; 5> Invite […]

8 More Reasons to Give

1. It’s A MIRACLE When you open yourself up to giving through the tithe you get a glimpse into the supernatural. Ask a tither if supernatural provision has ever happened in their years of giving and inevitable the answer is, “Yes.” 2. It’s a FAITH BUILDER Tithing strengthens your faith muscles. Once you begin to […]

Silent Saturday

It’s what’s commonly referred to as “Holy Week,” the week leading up the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. We just celebrated Palm Sunday and later this week is Maundy Thursday, which gives way to Good Friday, and last, but certainly not least, is Easter Sunday. In the midst of this busy, significant week, let […]