2019 LBC Annual Meeting

A Quick Look Back at Our Annual Meeting

To those of you who came to the annual meeting of Louisiana Baptists, thank you. We had about forty more registered messengers than last year. An increase is better than a decrease. We will need to work hard to have an even better participation next year in New Orleans. Overall, I think we had a […]

2019 LBC Annual Meeting

Are You Registered for the Louisiana Baptist Convention Annual Meeting?

We are days out from the two day annual meeting of Louisiana Baptists. This year we are meeting in Alexandria at the Riverfront Center on November 11 and 12. The staff of Louisiana Baptists are hard at work putting the final touches on the details of the meeting. Our theme is RENEW. We have some […]

Why Plant More Churches?

Why Plant More Churches?

Recent Question from an honest member of a local church. “What’s the thinking behind the Louisiana Baptist Convention planting all these new churches? Why not just send more people to great churches like mine?”  Answer: There are Three Major Problems with this kind of thinking as I see it. The problem of the numbers. How many does […]

Yes, There are Towns in Louisiana Without a Southern Baptist Church!

Louisiana has 304 Census Designated Areas, noted as cities, towns, and villages by the Census Bureau. A few years ago, out of curiosity, I did a little digging into how many of these might not have a Southern Baptist Church. I knew of a few, but didn’t expect that number to total almost 100! Now, […]

The Celebration Equation

After years of marriage my wife has successfully trained me to watch for coupons. We recently received an oil change coupon in the mail and the timing was perfect as the reminder light had just appeared on my instrument panel. However, I noticed there was a lot of fine print at the bottom of the […]

Pastors Need to Be Encouraged

Pastors Need to Be Encouraged

And Saul’s son Jonathan went to David at Horesh and helped him find strength in God. (1 Samuel 23:16 NIV) When I accepted the position of Executive Director for Louisiana Baptists, I made this promise: Pastors will be encouraged. Churches are essential to our work, and spiritually healthy pastors are essential to healthy churches. I have been a […]

Louisiana Baptists All State Youth Choir Alumni

Dear LBASYC Alumni and friends of LBASYC, I pray you are well and joyfully serving the Lord wherever you are. Now in its 36th year of ministry, LBASYC, under the wonderful direction of Dr. Cameron Weatherford, chair of the Fine Arts Department at Louisiana College, continues its tradition of providing strong music and great opportunities […]

Sweat Equity

It all began with the stark reality that you need more space. Your family grew and your house seemed to shrink. On a sleepless night, you binge-watch HGTV and you see the allure of open-concept living complete with shiplap, marble countertops, and lots more room. Suddenly, you remember a term your dad talked about, “Sweat […]