Georgia Barnette Provides Fuel for Missions Across Louisiana

Our Louisiana Baptists State Missions Offering, the Georgia Barnette Offering, is a great source of energy for missions all over Louisiana. In 2017, we received $1.58 million for the offering and this money is already at work across our state. Here are some of the expenditures so far this year: $157k in church planting and […]

The Sum of the Some

Sticker shock … I’m sure you’ve experienced it on many occasions: You need just a few things from the store. You grab a cart and mysteriously you find yourself with lots of stuff that you didn’t have on the list and your bill equals a car payment! You buy that new truck and the reality […]

Elevators, Coffee and Freedom – 2 Ways to Promote a Grace-Filled Church

The elevator seemed to take ages to reach the floor I was on. When I stepped on board, I was forced to wait for several minutes as it stopped on every floor, opened whether there was someone waiting or not, and moved one floor down. After several minutes, the elevator reached the hotel lobby. I […]

7 Pastor Traps on Mother’s Day

Beware of the trap game. In sports, the trap game is a game played against an opponent generally deemed to be easy to defeat. As a result, a person or team may not prepare as they are looking ahead to next Sunday. For pastors, Mother’s Days are often trap Sundays. But there are a few traps we can […]