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As we come to the end of a calendar year, this might be a good time for church leaders to consider the following for 2022:


  • Do you need to update your church by-laws?
  • Is there a Statement of Biblical Authority?
  • A Statement on Marriage and Sexuality?
  • A Statement on the Sanctity of Human Life?
  • Guidance on uses of the church buildings?

Safety and Security

  • Are your facilities clean and safe?
  • Are you following best practices on preventing child sexual abuse and sexual harassment?
  • Are there internal controls for handling money?
  • Is there a credit card policy?
  • Do you have a plan for inclement weather, fire, intruder, and securing the buildings during services?


Update Job Descriptions for Pastor, Staff, Key Leaders, and Committees.

A Compensation Study is a report we can prepare based on similar churches in the state and surrounding states.

These are but a few of the many issues church leaders need to give attention to on an annual basis. If you have questions, need sample templates, or would like a consultation visit, please contact me at or 318.448.3402.

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Share this Article

Jeff Ingram
Hello! I am the Adult Ministry and Church Administration Strategist for Louisiana Baptists. I love meeting one-on-one with church leaders to help them more effectively reach, teach and minister to adults; and I would enjoy meeting with your church leaders to offer guidance in your church administration questions. I recharge by running, reading and gardening.

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