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Who are Louisiana Baptists?

Let us tell you about ourselves! We are a statewide association of over 1,600 Baptist churches connected through a common mission. These churches minister both separately and cooperatively to reach our common goal to help every person find help, hope and encouragement in the midst of a busy world.

Louisiana Baptists churches are connected with more than 40,000 other Southern Baptist Churches throughout the United States. This is a voluntary network with ministry in more than 105 countries worldwide. The state offices are located at 1250 MacArthur Drive, Alexandria, LA.

Hello! from Louisiana Baptists
Louisiana Baptist Building

Louisiana Baptists
(State Missions Services)

are Here for You to:

  • Seek the Lost
  • Serve the churches
  • Support cooperative missions and ministries

Helpful Links

Annual Report

A comprehensive look at God’s blessings and how we used those resources.


Visit our events calendar to stay up to date with what’s happening.


Take advantage of all that’s available to you by visiting our resource center.

Partners in Ministry

SBC Resources

Here’s a handy list of organizations with whom we partner to achieve the Great Commission and follow Jesus. It’s not a complete list so as not to overwhelm, but these are organizations of whom we consider valued partners in our efforts to tell the Good News of God’s grace.