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One of the most requested items I receive from church leaders is information on salaries for various church staff positions.

We can provide a Customized Compensation Report for many church staff positions. This report is based on data from LifeWay, mostly from a church’s ACP information (This is another reason why it’s important for churches to complete the ACP each year!).

The Compensation Report compares salary packages for ministerial staff and support staff and is based on a church’s budget and attendance in worship and Sunday School or small groups. This is so we can prepare the report to be more accurate and useful for different sized churches.

This report is expanded to not just include churches in Louisiana, but also churches in adjacent states, thus providing an even more accurate report.

As churches hire new staff, consider benefits and pay packages, as well as seeking to be good stewards of their personnel and offerings, these reports can provide some helpful information.

There is no cost to a church for this Compensation Report, thanks to the generous support of churches to the Cooperative Program.

For more information or to request a compensation report, please contact Jeff Ingram, adult ministry and church administration strategist, Louisiana Baptists: or 318.448.3402.

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Share this Article

Jeff Ingram
Hello! I am the Adult Ministry and Church Administration Strategist for Louisiana Baptists. I love meeting one-on-one with church leaders to help them more effectively reach, teach and minister to adults; and I would enjoy meeting with your church leaders to offer guidance in your church administration questions. I recharge by running, reading and gardening.

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