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3 Principles in Starting New Groups During and Post Pandemic

It has been almost a century since the church was challenged with a pandemic and its impact on church participation and member engagement. Frankly, most of us are struggling to know what to do, when. But one truth is indisputable: effective, healthy small groups are a catalyst to healthy, growing churches. In a (hopefully) post-pandemic […]

Making Small Group a Priority of the Church Again

Note: this post is Part 5 of a series entitled, “Rebuilding the Sunday School/Small Group Ministry in the Local Church.” I’ve never met a Pastor who didn’t agree that the Sunday School or Small Group Ministry in their church is important. However, I have discovered that most Pastors spend very little time actually involved in […]

To REACH or Not To REACH; That is the Question!

There are three primary objectives to Small Group Ministry, famously stated as Teach, Reach and Minister. However, I prefer to use the descriptions; Reach and Enroll New People, Teach for Life Change, and Involve Members in Ongoing Ministry. Each of these descriptions provides a clear objective. When the Covid 19 pandemic hit, we instinctively knew […]

Re-Engaging Your Sunday School or Small Groups Ministry – Pt. 6

Part 6 – They Called Him “Rabbi” 38 When Jesus turned and noticed them following him, he asked them, “What are you looking for?” They said to him, “Rabbi” (which means “Teacher”), “where are you staying?” John 1:38 (CSBBible) Rabbi is a Jewish term which means “Teacher.” Those that began following Jesus early in His […]

A Virus Changes Everything

I don’t mind change. Actually, I even like some changes. However, what has been most troubling lately, is that the Coronavirus has changed almost everything. And it is still changing things. It is changing our culture, our families, our relationships, our education, media and even—dare I say it, the church. I have a word for […]

Facing Uncertainty

As I have talked with leaders across the State, I have heard a common concern, and I’ve heard it at my own church, as well. We have faced difficulties before. We know how to ride out a storm. We know how to survive a downturn in our economy. We have seen riots, faced racial division […]