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Boost Your Sunday School

Does your Sunday School seem flat? Does it seem like nothing exciting or new is happening in your Sunday School class? I know, every once in awhile your class will have a guest but is it growing? When was the last time you had a new member? How many have you lost because they moved, […]

The Power of the Invitation

Recently, Dr. Thom Rainer did a video blog called the Rainer Report on the topic of the relationship between inviting and church health. A couple of his key points are: Inviting unchurched friends to church takes intentionality. When we are energized to do positive things, we have less time and energy to do negative things. […]

BE Different

Don’t just make a difference; we need to BE the difference! I walked into McDonalds to go to the bathroom and get a large drink. Little did I know that I would encounter a rude and angry customer berating the people behind the counter. Other customers just moved out of the way. He never got […]