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The Sunday School Challenge – Step 6

Step 6: Regular Updates How’s it going? In the Sunday School Challenge, regular updates by the Sunday School Champions are crucial to preventing interruptions bringing the best results. If there are not regular and consistent measurements taken, how do you know how it’s going? Dental, vision and medical check-ups are a regular part of our […]

The Sunday School Challenge – Step 5

Step 5: Good Planning “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” (Quote: Anonymous). Great goals are only the first step in achieving success in the Sunday School Challenge. A goal describes what you hope to accomplish. Your “action” plan describes HOW you will achieve your goal. After setting goals, each class will develop […]

The Sunday School Challenge – Step 4

Step 4: The Launch All the planning and preparation builds up to this very important day—Launch Sunday.  The Pastor,  Sunday School Leaders and the Sunday School Champions have spent weeks encouraging and challenging one another to Reach and Enroll New Members, to Teach Toward Changed Lives and to Involve Members in Ongoing Ministry. On this […]