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Can Our Sunday School Class or Small Group Re-gather?

Maybe a better question is, “SHOULD our Sunday school class or small Group Re-gather”? We should know this week (May 11-15) what guidelines the State of Louisiana will suggest in order to Re-gather. Regardless of how you feel about those suggestions, the main question is, can you Re-gather your Sunday school class or small group […]

Is it Worth it?

COVID 19 Update – Is what we have been going through worth it? The answer to the Christian is a resounding yes. I know it is hard.  I have cried out to God myself, WHEN will this be over? Is all the pain, frustration and agony we have experienced during this pandemic really worth it? […]

Be Careful What You Ask For

Covid 19 Update: Ask and you shall receive! This morning as I prayed, I asked God for things to please return to normal. I miss my family, my friends, my church, my co-workers, and even my schedule. I long for a return to those things I love the most. I desire the freedom to roam, […]

When Will This Be Over?

Covid 19 Update: Are We There Yet? I don’t know about you, but Covid 19 is now a dirty word in my vocabulary. When social distancing first began, over a month ago, I had no idea of what was ahead.  Now, my greatest challenges lie in my personal life, not in my ministry. Don’t get […]

Are We Doing Everything RIGHT?

COVID 19 Update – How do we know we are doing everything right? For the past few weeks, one of my top priorities has been to contact Pastors and check on them, their families and their congregations. I am one of many who are doing this. We are all checking on one another. I have […]

What Have We Learned?

COVID 19 Update – How does our current situation impact your small group ministry? Everything is changing. And, like it or not, things will continue to change. Once we get past the COVID 19 Pandemic, things will not go back to normal. That might happen for some churches, but for most of us, things will […]

Sunday School Update

We’ve made it through a couple of Sundays, so how did we do?  In all of the bustle to make Worship happen, we really haven’t thought through how Small Groups happen.  With that in mind, following are some suggestions on how to keep your Small Group together through the pandemic. Contact every member, every week. […]