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The Need is Great

Evangelism is necessary because people, who often live in the shadow of our steeples, are without a relationship with Jesus Christ. Of the 4.5 million people in Louisiana, nearly 1.8 million do not claim any religious affiliation.

Ripe for the Harvest

That means every third person you see in the store, gas station or in your neighborhood isn’t on anyone’s church roll. And more importantly, do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. We shouldn’t be surprised. Jesus told us the harvest is huge.

A Resource for Evangelism

Helping you in the areas of personal and mass evangelism is our desire. Check out our resources and ministry areas below for ideas and inspiration.

Quick Contacts

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Dianne York

Administrative Assistant

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Our yearly Evangelism Conference is a great opportunity for you to be empowered, encouraged, and equipped!

Our Areas of Service


Providing strategies for reaching, teaching, and ministering to young and senior adults.

Bible Drill

Teaching children how to apply the Bible to their life and memorize scripture.

Church Administration

An extensive resource hub designed to help the church achieve its mission.

Discipleship Collaborative

Promoting sound Christian education for educators throughout the state.

Fresh Start

Church revitalization helps congregations hit reset on their ministry.


Kids’ ministry is more than just VBS! Reaching the next generation for Jesus is a must.


Louisiana’s premier training conference and resource for Sunday School leaders.

Transformational Discipleship

How do you become part of the life-changing, transforming work of God?


We are igniting a passion in our teens to follow after Jesus through YEC and more.

Say What?

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More Evangelism


Learn about the Louisiana Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists.


Evangelize outside your church doors or outside Louisiana.


Take the Gospel of Jesus to the ends of the earth.

How to Find God

Want to get close to God, but not sure where to start?