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The Joy of Generosity

Jesus commissioned His church to make disciples and faithful stewardship is foundational to discipleship. These pages offer an array of resources church leaders can use to help develop faithful disciples.

Tools of Generosity

Use the various media, including book overviews, scripture slides, and video resources to help your church in the area of stewardship.

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Ministry Assistant

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Access a collection of Stewardship links that can help complete your library of knowledge and resources.

Need Help?

That’s why we’re here! We hope to be a resource to the churches of Louisiana. Follow the link below to make a request.

SBC Resources

We aren’t the only resource hub available to you. Visit the SBC website for kits filled with useful media.


There are many ways we can use our skills and creativity to support missions through the Cooperative Program.

The Skit Guys

A Test of Tithing Video

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Stewardship Journal

A practical stewardship tool to help you and your church members grow in the grace of giving.

Tithing – The Adventure Begins

This video will help you discover how to honor God and experience joy through tithing.

Jesus on Wealth – Matt. 6

These scripture slides teach us about what Jesus says about the joy of generous giving.

General Use Slides

the Bible, and these slides, have LOTS to say about wealth, generosity, and stewardship.

8 Reasons Series

Slides detailing 8 reasons, based on biblical teaching, that you will love tithing.

Paul on Wealth – 2 Cor. 8

These scripture slides, taken from 2 Corinthians, teach about the joy of generous giving.

Proverbs on Wealth

These scripture slides have LOTS to say about wealth, generosity, and stewardship.

The Treasure Principle

A brief book overview, showcasing six keys to discovering the joy of generosity.

Paul on Wealth – Pastorals

These scripture slides from Paul’s pastoral epistles share about the generosity gf giving.

Psalms on Wealth

The scripture slides, from Psalms, were developed to help people discover the joy of generosity.

2 Corinthians Series

These scripture slides, taken from 2 Corinthians, have LOTS to say about generosity and stewardship.

Ignite Your Generosity

A book overview of Ignite Your Generosity, which blends practical action with personal theology.

The Money Challenge

A book overview, detailing the path from fiscal bondage to financial freedom and generosity.

Redeeming Money

A book overview detailing the distinction that we can love God or money, not both.

Online Resources

Web-based resources are available for many stewardship needs. View our list of providers.