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The Annual Church Profile (ACP) is an opportunity for every church to give their testimony. If you look in the scriptures such as Acts 2:41-47, Acts 4:4, Acts 14:27, Matt 14:19-21 (to name just a few) you will find recorded information concerning membership, baptisms, participation in music and missions. God thought it worthy for us to know of the work of the early church and how he used people to accomplish his purpose.

It’s important for today’s church to share its story.

Need Annual Church Profile forms and resources? Click here.

Just as we can read God’s inspired Word and allow it to give spiritual direction, inspiration, correction, we can use the information obtained from the Annual Church Profile to give our church insight into our effectiveness as Kingdom workers and help reveal to us areas of growth or challenges from the past year.

The leadership portion of the profile enables continuity of communication between a congregation and their Association and Louisiana Baptists state office. This helps everyone communicate effectively concerning areas of interest for leaders.

It can be used by everyone involved in the process as a guide to doing what God is leading them to do. Here are some suggestions:

The Annual Church Profile shows what God has done through his people. Identify areas that can be built upon as well as areas that need to be built up.

Informed prayer allows God to speak more directly concerning what He wants us to do. Use the names of leaders on the profile as a prayer list.

Use the profile’s information from this year and trends from past years as powerful planning tools. The more accurate and complete your Annual Church Profile information is, the better the tool.

Accompany the church trend with a demographic study of the area and it becomes an outreach focus tool.

Determine the number of messengers from your church to the SBC and Louisiana Baptists annual meetings. The SBC and most state conventions and associations base the number of messengers to their annual meetings on Annual Church Profile information.

So what really is the Annual Church Profile? It is people.

It is people who have followed the Lord in baptism, people who are studying His Word, singing His praises, working in missions, and growing as His disciples. It is people serving in leadership. It’s all the above done in service to Him.

Have questions? Email Shana Johnson, or call the Support Team at 318.449.4242.

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