The Sunday School Challenge – Step 5

Step 5: Good Planning

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” (Quote: Anonymous). Great goals are only the first step in achieving success in the Sunday School Challenge. A goal describes what you hope to accomplish. Your “action” plan describes HOW you will achieve your goal.

After setting goals, each class will develop a plan to accomplish the goals they have established with the help of their Sunday School Champion. Merriam Webster describes a plan as, “a method for achieving an end” or “a set of actions that have been thought of as a way to do or achieve something.” A plan is what each class will do in order to achieve each goal.

Specific tasks include calendaring dates and assigning responsibilities within each class. A plan must be specific. The class needs to know who is doing what and when it will happen. Half the work of achieving the desired results is getting started. The other half is the execution of those plans. Poor planning achieves poor results. No planning achieves no results.

A Guide for How to Plan

What specifically do you plan to do to achieve your goal?

When will you carry out this plan?

Who is responsible for each aspect/part of the plan?

Has a date been calendared?

Have responsibilities been delegated/assigned?

Your will versus your actions. By setting a goal, you have decided that you want more for your Sunday School class than expecting members to find a spot to squat, sit and soak. Now, you choose to lead your class to work together to accomplish what Goddesires. In order to accomplish that, you need a plan. Then, you need to work the plan.

I pray that God will do more than you can even think or imagine. When He does, give Him the Glory He deserves. Below are some links on how to plan and execute.