The Sunday School Challenge – Step 2

Step 2: Enlist

Pastor, your role is crucial to the success of the Sunday School Challenge. Here are a few of the responsibilities you will need to accept:

  • Recruit a Sunday School Champion (or Champions).You will need one Sunday School Champion for each 4 or 5 classes or small groups including Children, Youth and Adult classes. They need to be the best you can find. See the job description below. Don’t recruit from the pulpit. Personally ask them to pray and accept the role you are asking them to take.
  • Work to prepare the church, Sunday School Champion(s), Teachers and other class leaders for The Challenge.
  • Create buy-in from leaders and members.
  • Cast the vision for the purpose and reason for the campaign (The Challenge) from the pulpit, in meetings and in one-on-one interactions.
  • Encourage leaders and members from the pulpit, in meetings and in one-on-one interactions. The Pastor should personally visit as many classes as possible each Sunday (or whenever they meet), to encourage them prior to and during The Challenge.
  • Celebrate publicly what God has done during The Challenge and affirm and/or reward the achievements of each class.

When you enlist your Sunday School Champion (or Champions), these will be their key responsibilities:

  • Meet with Pastor to agree upon the objectives and the strategy to achieve them.
  • Assist each class to set specific goals and develop realistic plans to achieve those goals.
  • Monitor progress of each class. Report to the Pastor weekly the progress of each class involved.
  • Encourage faithfulness to The Challenge. (NOTE: not every class will participate fully. Work with those who are willing and encourage those who are on the fence).
  • Keep the focus on achieving the objectives. (Reach and enroll new people, Teach toward life-change, and Involve members in ongoing ministry). Remind them that every class can improve.
  • Help modify existing plans for those classes who are struggling.

Below are a few articles, blogs or websites that have great and relevant information for you in recruiting your Sunday School Champion(s). Recommended articles are in bold.

Additional Websites that help: