3 Tips to make the Digital ReGroup Conference Impactful

Digital training is here to stay. At least until everything changes again. With that in mind, how do we make the best use of digital in our church? How do we make it as good or better than our former models of training?

  1. Digital Training provides quality content at a much lower cost. Digital ReGroup is just one of many tools available to you because of the wonderful gifts that churches provide through the Cooperative Program. Because we can spend the same dollars and use the same content over and over again, it allows us to be better stewards of those gifts and makes quality training available to more churches. The Digital ReGroup Conference is free. It is available to you on demand all year long. You can view it as many times as you like.
  2. Digital Training allows you to participate live or by video on demand. August 16 and 17, 2021 are the dates for our live Digital ReGroup training. If you participate on those dates, you can submit questions during the live event. Choose to gather other leaders with you to discuss ideas while you watch, talk some more after you watch, and even enjoy your favorite foods and snacks while you watch. If you can’t or would rather not view with others, relax and participate in your pajamas at home…no one will know. Even if you don’t participate live, the video will be available via video on demand by Friday, August 20th. Plan a time to get together with other leaders or watch by yourself. Regardless of when or how, put a date and time on the calendar when you will participate in digital training.
  3. Digital Training helps your church to think in new, creative and exciting ways about your small group ministry. Every small group gets in a rut. It can be helpful to participate in something to hear fresh ideas and/or be reminded of proven principles to impact your current ministry and help you fulfill the Great Commission. No one is perfect. No small group is perfect. We can always learn something new. Who knows, the principles and ideas you hear might just change the trajectory of your class, group or church.

Embrace the change to digital and engage your class and your church in digital training. It’s inexpensive, it’s available, it’s convenient. Most of all, it will help your church be more effective in making disciples who make disciples for the glory of God. How will you lead your church to participate in digital training this year? Put the dates on your calendar now and make it happen.

You must register for each session you wish to participate in for the live webinar. Visit LouisianaBaptists.org/digitalregroup21 for details.

Sean Keith
Sean Keith
I am the Sunday School/Discipleship Strategist. My goal is to assist Louisiana Baptist Churches in developing and utilizing their small groups strategy to make disciples and accomplish the Great Commission. I would love to assist any church in developing a path forward towards a healthy, growing church.

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