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We’ve made it through a couple of Sundays, so how did we do?  In all of the bustle to make Worship happen, we really haven’t thought through how Small Groups happen.  With that in mind, following are some suggestions on how to keep your Small Group together through the pandemic.

  1. Contact every member, every week. This is true for every age group. For senior adults, it is their lifeline through this journey. Everybody is hurting and struggling these days…all the more reason why we need each other right now. Call them, email them, text them. What we can’t give them is a hug. But, praying for them over the phone might just be what they need. Keep your group together. Contact them every week.
  2. Remind members to read their Bible every day. Encourage them to pray every day. Send them suggestions of what to read and what to pray about. Below, you will find a list of available resources to review and share.
  3. Remind them that we will get through this. Already, I am hearing from people whose anxiety is through the roof. Trust me, it will get worse before all of this is over; so, be an encourager.
  4. Encourage them to worship. Help them know how and when they can participate in worship, digitally, with your church. Encourage them to connect with family and friends and invite them to worship at the same time. Some churches are using FaceBook Live. Some are using streaming services. If your church doesn’t have those things, encourage them to find one that does. As for me, I sang when they sang. I opened my Bible when my Pastor preached. I bowed my head and prayed when they did the same. The key is to participate!
  5. If possible, have Bible study via digital media. Groups are using ZOOM, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime and FaceBook Live to have Small Groups. (SUGGESTION: practice before you go live.)

The more you can do, the more it will help members of your class or group through this very difficult time. I pray God will use you in ways you never thought possible. You might just learn something new.

Below are some resources to help your class or Small Group through this time. You may not be used to these things and some are more difficult than others. BUT, the people God has asked you to lead are worth the extra effort and time required to learn something new. – Lifeway has generously offered free digital content for any church who is interested. There are tons of resources your church can offer. It is worth a look. – Right Now media has offered a free “limited access” to some of its best content for Bible study, discipleship and families. Just go to the website and click on limited access and complete the process. Check out these authors: Tony Evans, Chip Ingram, Phil Vischer, Kyle Idleman, Henry Cloud, Max Lucado and more.

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Share this Article

Sean Keith
I am the Sunday School/Discipleship Strategist. My goal is to assist Louisiana Baptist Churches in developing and utilizing their small groups strategy to make disciples and accomplish the Great Commission. I would love to assist any church in developing a path forward towards a healthy, growing church.

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