Dr. Traylor Challenges Ministers to Integrity


Dr. John “Bud” Traylor shares a strong word about temptation, accountability and integrity in the workshop. It will challenge you to live wisely, especially in the realm of sexual fidelity and integrity. Listen and share with a friend.

John Bud TraylorDr. Traylor graduated New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with a Th.D in Old Testament. He is a long-time Louisiana pastor, former LBC President and former LC Interim President. Since retiring, he has served 23 times as an interim pastor. 

Francis Schaeffer Scholarship

Louisiana College to offer Francis Schaeffer Scholarship. The goal is to help create and facilitate a Christian worldview in young students, who face an increasingly disinterested culture. Learn more.

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Bivocational & Smaller Churches

Did you know 81% of the SBC churches reporting on ACP letters are considered smaller churches by definition? The consultants on this team provide practical, brief and to the point methods of proven growth tactics to encourage, affirm and assist smaller churches. They work closely with all other Louisiana Baptist teams to assist in finding resources that meet the needs of smaller churches. We are here for you. Learn more.

Church Administration

The church administration strategist serves to help churches implement their limited resources (money, time and people) in a prioritized manner that best guides the church to achieve its mission efficiently and effectively. These resources are available to help! Learn more.

Compensation Study

The Compensation Study is joint project of state Baptist conventions, GuideStone Financial Resources, and LifeWay Christian Resources. Compensation and congregational data was collected anonymously from ministers and office/custodial personnel of Southern Baptist churches and church-type missions. Reports are based on compensation for nearly 13,000 respondents from all 50 states. Learn more.

Louisiana Baptist Singing Ministers

The Louisiana Baptist Singing Ministers is a men’s chorus composed of music leaders and musicians from Southern Baptist Churches throughout the state of Louisiana. Learn more.

Louisiana Baptist Singing Women

Louisiana Baptist Singing Women is an audition choir and volunteer group made up of church choir members from Southern Baptist churches across our state. Learn more