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Beginning the Journey

The time a church experiences without its Pastor can be wonderful. However, it also has the potential of being a very discouraging and divisive time. Often, the transition from one Pastor to the next is described as a process or journey. But, this time is necessary for the church to be prepared for a new leader and for new ministry opportunities.

Navigating the Transition

The Transitional Pastor Ministry can be a great asset for a church who is going through this interim leadership change. This process will guide and prepare the church for what God can do in the church body.

Get Training

Louisiana Baptists have trained men that can provide guidance for Pastor Search Committees through this process. More information can be obtained by calling us at 318.449.4292 or emailing

The following is an overview step guide that the training provides for a church search committee.

Pastor Search Committee Step Guideline

(This guide is not intended to be complete or exhaustive)

  1. Pastor Search Committee Elected by Church
    • Constitution and By-laws
    • Deacons notification/involvement
  2. Transitional Interim Ministry
  3. Committee Organization – 5 Anchors
    • Pray Daily
    • Profile Assimilation
    • Process-Implementation
    • Progress Updates
    • Patience and More Patience
  4. Church Mission and Purpose: Who, What, Where, Why, How?
  5. Church and Community Survey
  6. Theology, Qualifications, Polity, Association, Denomination
  7. Gather, Solicit, and Study Resumes/Applications
  8. Prepare Pastoral Job Description, Policies, Benefits, Questionnaire
  9. Prioritize Candidate List
  10. Contact References, Discuss Information
  11. Contact Candidate, Meet with Candidate
  12. Present Candidate to Church
  13. Church Vote
  14. Pastor begins transition to new church
  15. Transition Team

For more information email Ray Swift, or call the Pastoral Leadership Team at 318.449.4292.

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