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Who are Bivocational Pastors?

Ministers who are willing to contribute to their financial support through the means of a secular job, retirement, disability or any other source of income other than the financial support provided by their churches.

What is a Smaller Church?

Churches with 125 or less in Sunday School or a primary worship service.

Did you know 81% of the SBC churches reporting on ACP letters are considered smaller churches by definition?

Find practical, brief and to-the-point methods of proven growth tactics.

The consultants on this team are provided by Louisiana Baptists to encourage, affirm and assist smaller churches.

They work closely with all other Louisiana Baptist teams to assist in finding resources that meet the needs of smaller churches. Many resources have been designed specifically for this very large group of churches. We are here for you.

The consultants can assist you in your search for the exact resource you are looking for and, if needed, help you enlist an expert in that area of ministry.

For more information email Ray Swift, or call the Pastoral Leadership Team at 318.449.4292.

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