Church Planting

Why plant new churches? One out of every two Louisiana residents surveyed indicated no “personal relationship” with Jesus Christ. That means over 2,244,000 people without Christ. Most new churches start with the sole purpose of reaching people without Christ. New churches open up new fronts on the spiritual and cultural needs in every community. Learn more.

Compassion Ministry

All over Louisiana, churches are getting involved in helping our neighbors. Creativity is the rule of the day. By helping the underserved, trust is built as an opportunity to share the gospel and bring life change becomes a way of life. Compassion Ministry seeks to meet the real and felt needs of people so that the gospel can be delivered – spiritual change is offered and connection to the local church is realized. Learn more.

Georgia Barnette Conference Center

The history of Louisiana Baptist missions is a story that should be told. The Georgia Barnette Conference Center is a valuable asset to recapture missions as a primary goal of our work in reaching Louisiana for Christ. Learn more.

Men’s Ministry

The purpose of Men’s Ministry is to raise the awareness of the need for men to step up and be men of God that can be counted on in the local church and association for leadership and commitment. Learn more.

Mission Builder

The Mission Builder program began in 1980 for the purpose of providing low-cost first unit buildings for mission churches in Louisiana. The program provides consultation to existing mission churches and to sponsoring churches that house mission congregations in their buildings. Learn more.

Missions Education

GA, standing for Girls in Action, is for girls in grades 1-6, and is designed with a girl’s spiritual and missional growth in mind. Royal Ambassadors is a missions education tool for boys grades 1-6 committed to living out the RA Pledge. Learn more.

Women’s Missions & Ministry

Women’s Missions & Ministry seeks to engage women, teens, children and preschoolers in missional living through compassion ministries everyday in everyway. The age-level organizations of WMU and the discipleship of Women’s Ministry are natural avenues of missions involvement through our churches and into our communities, our state, North America and around the world. Learn more.