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Campers on Mission (COM) is a national fellowship of Christian campers who share their faith while they camp. Membership is open to Christian campers of all denominations and requires no membership fees, only a willingness to join other campers in fellowship and service. ‘Whether you are a tent camper, a backpacker, an RVer, a touring cyclist, or a trailer camper, whoever you are, however and wherever you camp, you will want to consider being a member of COM. Retired couples, young families, and singles are a vital part of the COM family. COM provides a great way to experience the relaxation of a vacation with the satisfaction of a mission project. It’s a great pathway to “be on mission.” As a camper, you are in a unique position to help meet mission needs. Because you have experience in adapting to new people in a variety of locations, and because you can take your housing with you, you can serve in mission settings where needs are great and resources are limited.

Campers on Mission Rallies

Louisiana COM is comprised of five areas, each hosting a rally once a year. Rallies consist of prayers, informal talks, bible studies, singing, potluck dinners and worship service on Sunday.

Ready to Enroll?

Please send enrollment forms and donations to the Secretary/Treasurer at the following:

Campers on Mission of LA, Inc.
c/o Michelle Pyles
PO Box 266
Gibsland, LA. 71028

Or you can email enrollment forms to:

Our Projects

Louisiana State Projects:
  • Acadian Baptist Center
  • Dry Creek Baptist Camp
  • Harris Baptist Assembly
  • Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home
  • Living Waters Baptist Assembly
  • Seeker Springs Baptist Camp
  • Tall Timbers Baptist Conference Center
  • Clara Springs Baptist Camp
Projects include the following:
  • Campground ministries
  • Church starts
  • Construction – mission churches, etc.
  • Special events – i.e: festivals, fairs, parades, sharing religious tracts
  • Disaster relief
  • Seaman’s ministry
  • Clowning
  • State Convention Booth (for promotion)
  • Nursing home ministries
  • Lay renewals
  • Revival teams
  • Repair and maintenance

Our Officers

President: Roy Miley
Vice President: J.T. Pyles
Secretary/Treasurer: Michelle Pyles                          
Recording Secretary: Nancy Naquin                                
Chaplain: James Lee Busby
Historian: Ivona Greene
Photographer: Debbie Miley

Nominating Committee:
Janece Miller, Diane Reagan, Kay Cassidy, Ivona Greene, Kent Naquin

Contact Us

Presidential Contact:

Roy Miley

Campers on Mission of LA, Inc.

Louisiana Baptists
P. O. Box 311
Alexandria, LA 71309

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