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Jeff Ingram

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Does your Church’s Insurance Policy contain Critical Coverage Gaps? An updated booklet by Brotherhood Mutual encourages churches and ministries to regularly review their insurance coverage in a rapidly changing world.


Religious Freedom Protection: claims related to your church’s belief-based decisions and activities. Examples include refusing to marry a same-sex couple or limiting the use of your facility to certain groups.

Worldwide Liability Protection: are your short-term mission groups traveling outside the U.S. covered for medical expenses, as well as liability suits and hiring local legal counsel while overseas?

Sexual Acts Liability Protection: this would cover claims against your ministry or other innocent insureds related to a leader or worker’s sexual misconduct.

Security Operations Liability Protection: this includes claims against your church, its leaders and/or security team members when enforcing your security policies.

Traumatic Incident Response Protection: this would cover expenses your church incurs while responding to a traumatic incident; for example, counseling costs, legal counsel in responding to the media, victims, and to law enforcement.

Directors and Officers Liability Protection: offers protection for individuals, employees, volunteers, spouses of leaders for financial damages caused by alleged wrongful activities of church leaders.

Legal Liability Defense Cost Reimbursement: addresses issues like, lawsuit for breach of contract, employee claims of bodily injury not covered by workers compensation, and wrongful termination of an employee not covered by the policy.

Counseling Liability Protection: this covers claims against your church, its pastors, lay counselors, employees, volunteers in relation to counseling on your church’s behalf.

These would be good questions to ask your church’s insurance agent or broker to determine if your church’s current insurance coverage is adequate for the rapidly changing world we’re called to minister and witness.

This free resource booklet can be downloaded at

If your church has questions regarding church administration issues, contact Jeff Ingram at and at 318.448.3402.

Church Administration Resources are also being added here.

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Jeff Ingram
Hello! I am the Adult Ministry and Church Administration Strategist for Louisiana Baptists. I love meeting one-on-one with church leaders to help them more effectively reach, teach and minister to adults; and I would enjoy meeting with your church leaders to offer guidance in your church administration questions. I recharge by running, reading and gardening.

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