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Hey there! Let’s Play With or Without CP.

You make the choice!  What would our world look like with and without the Cooperative Program? Click the world you’d like to enter.

Warning: Clicking on Without CP will send you to the town of Uncooperania. Time spent on the Uncooperania page could frighten small children and traumatize those who have recently served on the missions committee at church. 

Join us in this great mission adventure. It’s your turn!

Here’s a sneak peak at our new Stewardship emphasis. Check back soon for more!

Who is the Cooperative Program? You are! It starts with your cooperation alongside fellow believers and reaches across the world as we work together to build God’s Kingdom.

CP Makes a BIG difference


Learn more how CP works with these useful infographics


When churches use resources they help believers see the benefits of obeying God’s Word

When believers are obedient in faithful stewardship God abundantly blesses them

When faithful stewards are blessed by God they tend to share their blessings with their church

When a church receives more funds they can do more ministry and missions

You make it possible- we want to help.CP LOGO_COLORSCREEN_HIRES TAG

We have resources that will assist you in communicating to your church the fruit of their cooperative missions and ministries. Let us work with you to create a strategy that fits you and your church.