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Prayer slides for the month of May:

Please join us in praying for the missions and ministries supported by your gifts through the Cooperative Program. These Cooperative Program Prayer Slides highlight several of the missions and ministries with uniquely Louisiana connections and are suitable for:

  • Worship services—show during the offertory and ask the congregation to pray for them!
  • Handouts & worship bulletins
  • Social media platforms—share with others and ask them to pray!
  • Promotional use prior to a speaker’s coming to your church.
  • Backgrounds/wallpaper for computers and devices—encourage people to pray daily for them!

Download a slide today to save, post, or share and help your church see the difference their gifts are making in Louisiana and beyond.

Learn more about the Cooperative Program on this site and at

Prayer Calendar Archive:

April 2024
Steve Horn, Conan Sherlin, Ken Schroeder, John & Jane Doe

March 2024
Mark Jelks, Bill Collins, Trev Talbert, Kip & Janet Macklin, David Jeffreys

February 2024
Jeff Ingram, Stephen Craver, Patrick Magee, Joel & Melissa Williams

January 2024
Stan Statham, Austin McCurry, Shane Booker, Jason & Robin Ebeyer

December 2023
James Jenkins, Joe Wood, Max Rasbury, Lane Corley, Will Hall

November 2023
Ray Swift, Steve Masters, David Gonzalez, John & Jane Doe

October 2023
Steve Horn, Chad McClurg, Weston Brown, Keith & Cindy Morgan, Jamie Dew

September 2023
Sean Keith, Mark Robinson, John Russell, Ryan Rice

August 2023
John Kyle, Michael Aguillard, Abel Rodriguez, Donna Qualls

July 2023
Erin Jones, Brad Gill, Ronnie Mobile, Joni & Matt McCann, Jeff Steed

June 2023
Keith Manuel, Blake Grundy, Max Rasbury, John & Jane Doe

May 2023
Lane Corley, Joe Luna, Dean Ross, Leah Brown

April 2023
Mark Jelks, Dalton Adger, Paul Flowers, Preston & Karen Pearce, Perry Hancock

March 2023
Steve Horn, George Lee IV, Isaac Woodward, Joel & Melissa Williams

February 2023
Carlos Schmidt, Kevin Inman, Matthew Tyson, Victor Herrera

January 2023
Stacy Morgan, Corey olivier, Ken Schroeder, George Ross, Rick Brewer

December 2022
Brandon Lewis, Conan Sherlin, Trev Talbert, John & Jane Doe

November 2022
David Anderson, Bill Collins, Patrick Magee, Jason & Robin Ebeyer

October 2022
Lane Corley, Stephen Craver, Shane Booker, Keith & Cindy Morgan, Will Hall

September 2022
Josh Bumgardner, Joe Wood, Larrese Rollins, Donna Qualls

August 2022
Steve Horn, Steve Masters, David Gonzalez, Pascal Stowell

July 2022
Mark Morelock, Chad McClurg, Weston Brown, Joni & Matt McCann, Jamie Dew

June 2022
Christine Gill, Mark Robinson, John Russell, Stephen & Amy Morgan

May 2022
John Hebert, Michael Aguillard, Abel Rodriguez, John & Jane Doe, Jeff Steed

April 2022
Jeff Cook, Brad Gill, Ronnie Mabile, Leah Brown

March 2022
Jeff Ingram, Blake Grundy, Dean Ross, Preston & Karen Pearce

February 2022
Stan Statham, Jamey Gilliland, Trev Talbert, Joel & Melissa Williams

January 2022
James Jenkins, Dalton Adger, Patrick Magee, Victor Herrera, Perry Hancock

December 2021
Steve Horn, George Lee IV, Shane Booker, John & Jane Doe

November 2021
Ray Swift, Kevin Inman, Larrese Rollins, Jason & Robin Ebeyer

October 2021
Sean Keith, Corey Oliver, David Gonzalez, Keith & Cindy Morgan, Rick Brewer

September 2021
Jess Archer, Conan Sherlin, Weston Brown, Donna Qualls

August 2021
John Kyle, Thomas Worsham, John Russell, Pascal Stowell, Will Hall

July 2021
Keith Manuel, Bill Collins, Abel Rodriguez, Joni & Matt McCann

June 2021
Lane Corley, Matt Middlecamp, Ronnie Nabile, Stephen & Amy Morgan

May 2021
Steve Horn, Stephen Craver, Trev Talbert, George Ross, Jamie Dew

April 2021
Stacy Morgan, Joe Wood, Patrick Magee, John & Jane Doe

March 2021
Mike Shumock, Steve Masters, Shane Booker, Leah Brown

February 2021
Carlos Schmidt, Chad McClurg, Larrese Rollins, Preston & Karen Pearce

January 2021
Brandon Lewis, Mark Robinson, David Gonzales, Joel & Melissa Williams, Jeff Steed

December 2020
David Anderson, Michael Aguillard, Weston Brown, Victor Herrera

November 2020
Lane Corley, Blake Grundy, John Russell, Jason & Robin Ebeyer, Perry Hancock

August 2020
John Hebert, Darrell Guy, John & Jane Doe, Jeff Ingram, Rick Brewer

July 2020
Donna Qualls, Janie Wise, Jamey Gilliland, Keith & Cindy Morgan

March 2020
Jeff Cook, Steve Horn, Pascal Stowell

February 2020
Josh Bumgardner, Jeff Vincent, Joni & Matt McCann, Corey Olivier

January 2020
Steve & Amy Morgan, Will Hall, Jamie Dew

December 2019
George Ross, Sean Keith

November 2019
Deanna Corbett, Wayne Taylor

October 2019
Jason Thomas, Abel Rodriguez

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