Whether it’s information and assistance in times of disaster, coaching pastors to reach the next generation or finding resources for your church, the Communications Team is here to help. We serve you by providing information regarding missions and ministry opportunities through current forms of communication,  inspiration and relevant tools.

Our greatest desire is to see God change lives and we know this begins with fully devoted followers of Jesus and radically committed churches.

We desire to serve you and connect you with like-minded believers and churches. How can we help?


Each week we send out an email with loads of resources, tools and information. Keep up to date on the latest resources and ministry opportunities. Learn more.

Cooperative Program

Who is the Cooperative Program? You are! It starts with your cooperation alongside fellow believers and reaches across the world as we work together to build God’s Kingdom. Learn more.

Louisiana Baptist Archives

The purpose of the Louisiana Baptist Archives is to help and support Louisiana Baptists in preserving, appreciating and utilizing their heritage. Learn more.