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Fresh Start

Fresh Start

NOTE: These resources were previously published under the name “Reset.” They remain so for now, until we are able to update them.

For various reasons a congregation may find the need to push the “reset” button on their ministry. Some churches require a minor tweak to enhance what they are currently doing. Others may need to ask the Lord to help them refresh multiple areas of the work of the congregation.

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Reset: A Church Revitalization Process consists of two steps:

  1. We will assist you to assess your current situation and to discover what the Lord would have you to do to move forward.
  2. We will assist you to develop a customized plan to achieve the goals God places on your heart.

Reset is a process that guides your congregation to:

  • Reflect on where you are currently
  • Refocus on why you exist
  • Re-engage with the lost in your community
  • Re-energize your believers for personal growth and disciple-making

Restaurar es un proceso que guía a una congregación a:

  • Reflexionar acerca de su condición actual
  • Renfocarse en el propósito de su existencia
  • Involucrarse nuevamente con los inconversos en la comunidad
  • Re-energizar a los creyentes en el proceso de crecimiento personal y hacer discípulos

For hard copies of these resources, or more information, email Sean Keith, or call 318.449.4227.