10 Biblical & Practical Ways to Get Involved in Church Planting Today

There’s no right or wrong way to support church planting & multiplication in Louisiana & beyond. Don’t let failure of imagination or the excuse, “I don’t know how,” keep you and your church from engaging the lost through church planting and multiplication. Here’s 10 Biblical & practical ways to get involved IMMEDIATELY: Engage in strategic […]

Navigating Your Finances God’s Way

Every believer needs to know what the Bible says about financial stewardship. As the economy slows and take-home pay shrinks, people are looking for ways to get out of debt and to make their income go farther. Navigating Your Finances God’s Way is a brand new 9-week study that combines biblical principles and practical tips. […]

Unlimited: God’s Grace & Glory

Unlimited: God’s Grace & Glory is a three-week, church-wide financial emphasis that will challenge your congregation to be a force for total transformation in three areas of ministry. They are God’s unlimited grace and glory is experienced through the gospel God’s unlimited grace and glory is expressed through our giftedness God’s unlimited grace and glory […]

A Pledge to Pray for Our Country

As we gather together to celebrate our independence as a country, invite your church to come together in one mind and one voice and acknowledge our dependence on God. This joyful pledge to pray for our country can be used in any patriotic worship time. Congregational Reading Leader: When Jesus is Lord, Congregation: our country is blessed. Leader: When […]

We Are Free

Freedom. The celebration of our freedom is more than just barbecue, fireworks and parades. It’s a time to gather together and remember what Christ did on the cross. As Christians, we know that we are really free because the ultimate price was paid by a perfect, spotless lamb. As we gather together to celebrate our […]

10 Ways to Reach and Baptize More This Summer

Pastors, Don’t wait to check your baptismal record in August when you fill out your annual church profile. Although we know that redeeming the lost is God’s work, He has included us in the process. There are some things that you can do to reach and baptize people this summer before the end of August. […]

12 Media Resources You Can Use Now

This era of technology is probably the most difficult one to keep up with. It seems as if every year, services and ideas change the landscape of effective communication. This can be frustrating and unnerving, but with all that change, churches can seize the moment and become effective with little capital! It’s time to take […]