The Sunday School Challenge – Step 4

Step 4: The Launch All the planning and preparation builds up to this very important day—Launch Sunday.  The Pastor,  Sunday School Leaders and the Sunday School Champions have spent weeks encouraging and challenging one another to Reach and Enroll New Members, to Teach Toward Changed Lives and to Involve Members in Ongoing Ministry. On this […]

Imparting. Truth. Today.

Remember the gifts you gave to the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering last fall? Good news – they’re bearing fruit!

The Sunday School Challenge – Step 3

Step 3: Cast the Vision “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” (Quote: Lewis Carroll) More often than not, too many churches exist on 52 dis-connected Sunday’s every year. Even though each week seems similar to the week before, there is no over-arching purpose or direction. In one […]

The Sunday School Challenge – Step 2

Step 2: Enlist Pastor, your role is crucial to the success of the Sunday School Challenge. Here are a few of the responsibilities you will need to accept: Recruit a Sunday School Champion (or Champions).You will need one Sunday School Champion for each 4 or 5 classes or small groups including Children, Youth and Adult […]

The Sunday School Challenge – Step 1

Step 1: Pray Two things I know. First, God has a plan for your church and your community. Secondly, God wants to use you in accomplishing His plan in your church and in your community. The book by Henry Blackaby entitled, Experiencing God, taught us to “find where God is working and join Him”. One […]

Start Something!

Recently I was with a group of church leaders and the issue of reaching the lost came up. One of the leaders asserted that it seems the churches are all going after the same people, while the truly lost in our communities have little outreach to them. He’s absolutely right. Many of our standard church […]

The Sunday School Challenge – Overview

Over the last three or four decades, Sunday School Enrollment and Sunday School Attendance have steadily and consistently declined. There were a few bumps of growth, but the trend line has been heading down. Over the last several years God has challenged me to try and simplify what the average church needs to do to […]

Olive Tree Parenting

Olive trees produce one of the most desired and sought after fruits around the world. The trees can live for thousands of years. The olive and the olive tree is spoke of in the Bible on numerous occasions. Including a few references to family life, like in Psalms 128:3 (NLT) – “Your children will be like […]