Face Masks for New Orleans Ministry Sites

With emphasis of personal safety and security continuing for a while, the need for personal face masks is a need by those who work with underserved populations and other ministry. Two of those New Orleans ministries, Baptist Friendship House and Global Maritime Center, are near and dear to our hearts as Louisiana Baptists. Here is […]

Re-gathering the Church

Re-gathering the Church

Louisiana Pastors and Church Leaders., We have received a number of requests to help churches interpret the phasing aspects related to the re-gathering of congregations. A wise Seminary professor once lectured, “The definition of a fool is he who tries to guess what is going to be on the test.” Therefore, we have intentionally remained […]

Be Careful What You Ask For

Covid 19 Update: Ask and you shall receive! This morning as I prayed, I asked God for things to please return to normal. I miss my family, my friends, my church, my co-workers, and even my schedule. I long for a return to those things I love the most. I desire the freedom to roam, […]



No doubt, we are all looking forward to the day that the “stay home” orders and restrictions are lifted and we can start getting back to our normal routines. This is especially true of our churches, as the Body of Christ longs for corporate worship and fellowship. As much as we would like to return […]

When Will This Be Over?

Covid 19 Update: Are We There Yet? I don’t know about you, but Covid 19 is now a dirty word in my vocabulary. When social distancing first began, over a month ago, I had no idea of what was ahead.  Now, my greatest challenges lie in my personal life, not in my ministry. Don’t get […]

Positioning Ourselves for God to Answer Our Prayers

Positioning Ourselves for God to Answer Our Prayers

Second Chronicles 7:14 is one of the most often cited Scriptures on prayer. Often times, this passage is examined as a prescription for prayer. This is not a prayer prescription. This is God’s response to a prayer that Solomon prayed at the occasion of the dedication of the Temple. We read Solomon’s prayer beginning in […]

Are We Doing Everything RIGHT?

COVID 19 Update – How do we know we are doing everything right? For the past few weeks, one of my top priorities has been to contact Pastors and check on them, their families and their congregations. I am one of many who are doing this. We are all checking on one another. I have […]

Five Easter Miracles

The Fifth Miracle of the Cross—The Response of the Soldiers

We have examined so far four supernatural events of the cross—the darkness, the torn veil, the earthquake, and the resurrection of the saints. Today we come to a final supernatural happening. Some may not think the response of the centurion and other soldiers is supernatural. However, any time someone has the faith to see Jesus […]