Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus (03-13-20 – 7:06pm Update)

Greetings, Your state missions staff continues to monitor the quickly evolving Coronavirus situation and appreciate your prayers as we process all of the information coming from federal and state sources. We posted information and suggestions yesterday regarding Sunday services. While many of these are still valid, the Governor’s proclamation today certainly tweaks and changes some […]

Coronavirus Update

Day of Prayer This Sunday Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic (03-13-20)

I have said through the years that my most memorable time of worship ever was the Sunday after 9/11. The crowd was larger. We sang louder. We had a greater sense of desperation. That’s the way I feel today. The crowds likely won’t be as large this Sunday, March 15, because of fears of gathering […]

Day of Prayer

Day of Prayer for the Coronavirus

Day of Prayer for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Global Pandemic Sunday, March 15, 2020 In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, we are asking all Southern Baptists and our 47,500+ churches of the Southern Baptist Convention to commit to a dedicated time of prayer this Sunday, March 15, 2020, to seek the Lord in unity […]

Coronavirus Update

Regarding the Coronavirus (03-12-20)

Greetings Louisiana Baptists, Whether you believe that decisions regarding the Coronavirus, COVID-19, are disproportionate to the real threat or believe that not enough actions are being taken, you have to agree that these are unprecedented times. Whether we see widespread outbreak in Louisiana is yet to be known, but the likelihood we will see effects, […]

Should Your Church Live Stream?

Chances are, your church has either started live streaming recently or has considered it at some point. With equipment improvements, lower entry costs, and availability through the web and social media, live streaming is becoming more common in the church. If you are considering adding a streamed service or posting videos for replay viewing to […]

18 Proven Ways to Scatter Seeds and Engage Your Community

When wanting to impact a community for Christ through evangelism, scattering seeds should be one of your primary missions. On Church Planter reports we ask for the # of contacts made each month. No coincidence that often the church plant with the most salvations and baptisms is also the one with the most contacts made […]

On Mission to Tiger Island

What Can I do to Help?

What Can I do to Help My Sunday School Leaders during this Pandemic?

Many will lose regular, weekly contact with their class/group. On top of that, they may not have the quality Bible instruction they have become accustomed to every Sunday or whenever their group meets. Here are a couple of suggestions/recommendations that they might try: Every leader of a group or class should make sure every member […]