Labor Day Reflections

Labor Day Reflections

When I was kid, my dad would proudly proclaim, “We are going to labor on Labor Day.” That usually translated into using his day off to catch up on some chores that had been neglected through the summer. I’m probably exaggerating some, but my memory seems to indicate that Labor Day was all-day laboring in the yard. While others went to the lake or binged on the Jerry Lee Lewis Telethon, we labored.

In High School and College, Labor Day for me always meant an extra hard and long football practice because it was Monday and we did not have school. As an adult, unfortunately some Labor Days have meant hurricane watch or hurricane clean-up.

So, forgive me if Labor Day is pretty far down my list of favorite holidays. The History Channel webpage suggests that Labor Day is intended “to pay tribute to the contributions of the American laborer.”

Traditionally observed on the first Monday of September, the roots of Labor Day are in riots of overworked, abused, and unhappy workers. The official holiday was the attempt of Congress to repair ties with the American worker.

Today, Labor Day is celebrated (or lamented) as the end of the summer and the kick-off of football season. Can I get an Amen?

Though I complained as a kid, I am thankful for my labor on this earth. In celebration of Labor Day Weekend, let me offer these simple reminders.

  1. Be thankful for your work. Your work serves as a means to provide for your family, contribute to the work of the kingdom, and bless others.
  2. Renew your commitment to do your work as unto the Lord. Followers of Jesus should be the absolute best employees and employers. (Colossians 3:23)
  3. Ask God to help you to be an ambassador for Christ on your job. (2 Corinthians 5:20)

Praise God for the reminder that one day, in Christ, we will be at rest from our labors. (Revelation 14:13) But until then, we are going to labor . . . all for the glory of God.