Entries by Dr. Steve Horn

Your Brown Bag Miracle

Over the last year we’ve been asked to cut back on most everything – time with family, trips to restaurants, retail establishments and public gatherings. During the recent winter storm we’ve been asked to cut back on our power usage, water usage and more due to the demand on the system. While our infrastructures may […]

They Do Have an Amen Corner After All!

One of the sporting world’s most celebrated events, The Masters, occurs this weekend. Usually occurring in the spring when the azaleas are in bloom, this year’s event will have a backdrop of fall foliage. The world’s best golfers will compete over four days for a total prize purse of 11.5 million dollars. The winner gets […]

Louisiana Baptists Are Gathering

This year has brought about more challenges and cancellations than any of us care to recount. For those meetings and events that were scheduled, more times than not, they happened virtually rather than in person. This has been true for us as Louisiana Baptists. Therefore, I am excited to meet in person for the annual […]

Lord, We Are Weary!

Lord, we are weary! Especially your people in Louisiana. First, it was COVID-19. We spent weeks leading the nation in cases per capita. We went home. The economic impact of that is still being felt. When people went home, gas prices plummeted. So many of our people who make their living in the oil and […]

Connecting Your Six Degrees

I’m sure you’ve heard of the six degrees of separation. Popularized in music, stage, and screen, the idea is that all people are six degrees (people), or fewer, social connections away from another person. To put it another way, we all know someone who knows someone who knows someone, until in only six relationships, we […]


One of the most frequently asked questions I’ve received in recent weeks is, “Are y’all almost finished with Hurricane Laura relief?” That’s a relatively easy question. “NO! Not even close!” Sometimes, the question will vary slightly – “How long will y’all be helping?” That answer is also easy, “As long as it takes.” The reality […]

Moments that Challenge Us to Respond

World War II, the assassination of JFK, the Space Shuttle Disaster in 1986 and again in 2003, the OKC Bombing in 1995, 9-11, Hurricanes—What do they all have in common? They are historical moments that impact life. They change things. September 11, 2001, changed our world. Some defining moments are historical moments that link all […]

The Giants Just Keep Coming

2 Samuel 22:7 In my distress I called to the Lord;     I called out to my God. From his temple he heard my voice;     my cry came to his ears. (NIV) My Facebook memory notifications are reminding me that this week marks four years since the historic floods in South Louisiana. Our church at the time had 50 […]