It's Been a Great Week

It’s Been a Great Week!

I have been the Executive Director for Louisiana Baptists for a little over four months now. This week was probably my favorite. The week brought a lot of firsts. In addition to preaching my first Shepherd’s Rest Sunday (our Convention’s program to offer a Louisiana pastor a month’s sabbatical) at Faith Baptist in Livonia, I also preached at my first Association meeting for the Acadia Association. This enthusiastic crowd was celebrating their 100thAnnual Meeting. This week also brought my first Executive Board meeting and first staff meeting with our entire Louisiana Baptist Convention staff. The spirit in both of these meetings was encouraging to me. Friday, I will conclude the week by travelling to Monroe to be part of the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries Board meeting.

At our Executive Board meeting, in my report, I shared two critical questions for the next decade. The questions are not just for our Executive Board, but for all Louisiana Baptists, so I share them here.

Will we allow our diversity to divide us and distract us from our primary mission?

Will we require uniformity in order to cooperate for our primary mission?

What about it Louisiana Baptists? Can we agree that Louisiana is spiritually lost and desperately needs Jesus?

I hope you are making plans to join us for our Annual meeting in Alexandria on November 11-12.