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“TRAINING” seems to be the word we all need but we all struggle to fit into our schedule.  We know that the best teachers are great learners. However, in today’s world and schedules it is so hard to find time for training let alone extend that training to our fellow teachers and leaders.  This resource hub will hopefully be a wonderful tool that can be used in a variety of ways.


The video resources located here can be used by individuals wanting to catch up on kid’s ministry subjects. They can also be used in a teacher/leader meeting as conversation starters that will lead into a good discussion in a group setting.

The subjects in the video series cover:




All Leaders

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Share this Article

David Anderson
What's up? I'm David Anderson, Childhood Ministry Strategist. What gets me up and out the door every morning is getting to partner with churches to help them see the potential and joy of a vital Children’s Ministry. Doing this alongside great preschool/children’s ministers from around the state tops it all off.

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