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Birds of a Feather

The bird feeder went up last weekend. And we watched for a few days and we were disappointed that there was no activity.  Apparently, birds don’t use Instagram. But then one day, I was watching the feeder, and the squirrels showed up. We did not put out a bird feeder to feed squirrels, but we patiently […]

Louisiana World Hunger Offering

Food Insecurity.  It is a new term and one that many of us have never personally experienced.  But, 1 in 5 people in Louisiana are food insecure.  Food insecure means lacking reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.  That means 20% of all people in Louisiana don’t have enough good food to […]

When $2 Makes a Difference

I travel to India frequently. My wife started a home for abandoned little girls and we enjoy visiting our “children” a few times a year. Several years ago, I was returning to the US from the Bangalore Airport. There is a “last stop” bathroom right by the gate to enter the plane, and so I […]

Ministers, You are Hope on Call

The phone rings, it is 2:19 on a Sunday morning.  “Pastor, can you come?” There is a problem.  You can’t say no, but there are a thousand thoughts immediately bouncing around in your head.  Of course, you think the worst as you put on a pair of jeans and grab a jacket.  Heart racing, car […]

4 Steps to Making Your Generosity Stick

If you are like me, I find that days are hectic. But they can also be filled with unexpected encounters when my heart is fine-tuned to the needs around me. On one typical day, I picked up eight sausage poboys for a fundraiser. Then I was scurrying home from the sale when I noticed a […]

A Compassionate Heart

When many people see a homeless person on the street, there is a tendency to move to the other side of the street, not knowing what to do. Then, there is a tendency to feel guilty for not doing anything to help. The question is, how do we have a compassionate heart. How do we […]