The Louisiana Baptists Adult Ministry seeks to provide strategies, training and resources to equip church leaders to become more effective in reaching, teaching, and ministering to adults through Sunday School, small groups, discipleship, for young, middle, and senior adults, married and single adult families.

I joined the Louisiana Baptists staff in 2008 after twenty-five years of leading several churches as Minister of Education. One of my life verses is Psalm 25:4-5: “Show me Your ways, O LORD; Teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; On You I wait all the day.” My hope is that God would show me, teach me, and lead me to encourage Louisiana Baptist pastors, staff, and lay leaders to fulfill the Great Commission.


Some areas of church ministry I would like to help you with:

  • Adult Sunday School & small group leadership training
  • Reaching, teaching, and ministering to young adults, boomers, and senior adults
  • State & association enrichment events for adults
  • Adult discipleship strategies for the church
  • Reclaiming inactive church and Sunday School members
  • Transitioning through senior adult ministries & boomer ministries

If I can be of assistance to you personally, your church or association I would like to talk with you. Please contact me at or 318.448.3402.

LABMA Regional Conferences

April 2021 will give you four chances to attend a LABMA event. Learn more.

Church Administration

The church administration strategist serves to help churches implement their limited resources (money, time and people) in a prioritized manner that best guides the church to achieve its mission efficiently and effectively. These resources are available to help! Learn more.


The Tremendous Influence of the Adult Sunday School Teacher

The adult Sunday School/Small Group teacher has tremendous influence! Review this brochure for more information.

How to Choose the Right Bible Study

Visit the LifeWay site for more information.

Bible Study Impacts Lives

Are you just passing on information to adult Bible study learners? Or, are you teaching for life-change in the power of the Holy Spirit? This brochure provides insights on how you can more effectively teach God’s Word.

Staying Connected [UPDATED]

Need some ideas in reaching inactive Sunday School and church members? What about some ideas to keep the ones you got? This brochure gives practical ideas to help an adult class/group more effectively minister to prospects and inactive members, as well as getting your regular attenders involved in ministry.


Discipleship is about becoming like Christ. It’s acknowledging Jesus Christ’s lordship in every area of our lives. This brochure provides a strategy and resource suggestions for helping a pastor, class/group, and other church leaders to help disciple their members.

3 Purposes of Sunday School

Have the purposes of the Sunday School/Small Group ministry changed through the years? Or, is it (should it?) be to reach people for Christ, teach people about Christ, and minister to people in Christ’s Name? Read this brochure to help your adults be more effective in the three purposes of this vital ministry.

What Happened to Evangelism & the Sunday School?

At one time, Sunday School was called, “the evangelism arm of the church.” Today, however, many adult Sunday School/Small Group Bible studies classes have stopped seeing baptisms through their ministry. This brochure will challenge classes/groups with “voices from the past” to be more evangelistic.