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Psalms: The Character of God Personal Study Guide includes printed content for seven sessions, applicable Scripture, and learning activities.

The Book of Psalms is a compilation of songs that focus on humanity’s interaction with God. Within these interactions, we discover God’s character as the songwriter speaks of God as a Shepherd, a King, a Redeemer, a Creator, Just, Holy, and more. These songs give us deeper insight into God and how we are to relate to Him as His creation. We find that He loves us and offers the opportunity to be His people and that doing so comes with the expectation of living in light of that relationship.

The focus of this January Bible study is on the character of God as revealed in selected Psalms. As we get a glimpse of God’s character, we’ll begin to understand our need for forgiveness and what it means to live as God’s people, demonstrating His character in a fallen world.


Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries Psalms
Balance between historical/grammatical and practical

The Expositor’s Bible Commentary
General expository information

Baker Exegetical
Best for experienced pastors/scholars interested in theological interp along with historical/grammatical
Vol. 1
Vol. 2 
Vol. 3

Bible Study Overview

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