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The Money Challenge: 30 Days of Discovering God’s Design for You and Your Money.
Art Rainer. Nashville: B&H Publishing Group, 2017. 148 pages, hardcover.

Key quote(s)

  1. “In God’s economy, the amount sacrificed always supersedes the amount given.”
  2. “You and your money are designed for something much bigger than wealth accumulation.”
  3. “God designed us not to be hoarders, but conduits through which His generosity flows.”
  4. “I thought not worrying about money was a good thing. Now I realize there is a big difference between not worrying and not caring. I should have cared more.”


The Money Challenge presents the common financial challenges facing many people. Written in an easy to read format it follows the life of Annie as she progresses from a life of financial bondage to a disciplined life of financial freedom and generosity. A small-format book, it includes a substantial amount of Scripture and is very strong on practical life application and illustration. Readers of all levels will be able to comprehend and benefit from it. The final section describes four “generosity killers.”

Three Priorities:

  1. Give generously.
  2. Save wisely.
  3. Live appropriately.

Four Generosity Killers:

  1. Keeping up with the Joneses
  2. Debt
  3. Disorganization
  4. The financially separate marriage

Application—could be useful for:

  • Individual reading and growth in giving
  • Read together as a congregation over 30 days
  • Counseling resource to help those struggling with finances
  • Small group study
  • Sermon material—though probably not as effective as people reading the book, itself.


  • Recommended by Daniel Akin, Matt Carter, J. D. Greear, Jimmy Scroggins
  • Church resources including sermon outlines, a diagnostic test, and a small group guide are available for free at
  • Art Rainer is the vice president for Institutional Advancement at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.
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