Greenhouse Church Planting Training Moves Online

Louisiana Baptists have offered free training to church planters and replanters since at least 1999. These have mostly been in the form of two day retreats at our regional Baptist retreat centers with about 100 planting team members attending the training annually. In 2020, Covid-19 safety protocols have caused us to cancel three of this year’s four planned retreats. So, this Fall, we are moving our training online.

The Greenhouse Training is designed to give a church planter, replanter, or revitalization minded pastor the tools needed to design an evangelistic strategy for church growth and multiplication. It is divided into four sections: Cultivate – Plant – Harvest – Multiply. Sessions include: Mobilizing Prayer, Knowing Your Context, Counting the Cost for Sustainability, Vision and Mission Design, Evangelism Best Practices, Compassion Ministry and Evangelism, Systems and Ministry Design, Church Admin and Legal Issues, and Organizing for Multiplication.

While the training is designed for planters and replanters, anyone can attend. Find out more by signing up for Greenhouse Orientation on August 25th, Tuesday, 7-8pm on Zoom. Register HERE.

Email me at for more information.

The Fall Schedule will be as follows:

Week 1 – Aug 25
Session 1: Multiplication Ready – Orientation to Louisiana Baptists Church Planting and RePlanting

Week 2 – Sept 1
Session 2: Establishing and Mobilizing Prayer
Session 3: Knowing Your Context – Discovering Evangelistic Opportunities in the Spiritual, Social, and Cultural Context of Your Community

Week 3 – Sept 8
Session 4: Counting the Cost – Establishing a Plan for Long-term Sustainability

Week 4 – Sept 15
Session 5: Vision – Mission – Values – Crafting a Vision Script for Evangelistic Growth and Multiplication

Week 5 – Sept 22
Session 6: Evangelism Best Practices for Planters and RePlanters
Session 7: Organizing for Evangelism

Week 6 – Sept 29
Session 8: Compassion Ministry and Evangelism

Week 7 – Oct 6
Session 9: Design for Disciple-Making – Moving People from Lost to Laborer

Week 8 – Oct 13
Session 10: Organizing and Managing the Congregation

Week 9 – Oct 20
Session 11: The Exponential Power of Multiplication
Session 12: Organizing for Multiplication of Disciples, Groups, and Churches