The Evangelism-Church Growth team can walk you through a process to Reset your congregation and your effectiveness in reaching your community.

Reset provides pastors and leaders tools to revitalize their congregation. Reset

ReGroup can help develop a strategy to make disciple through small groups (i.e. Sunday School).ReGroup

REFOCUS will assist in creating a plan to connect with and evangelize your community.REFOCUS

Reaching Generation Next – discover how you can reach the next generation.Reaching Generation Next

Evangelism Conference

Add this date to your calendar! The 2021 Evangelism Conference will be held on January 25-26, 2021, at Summer Grove Baptist in Shreveport. Go to event page.

View last year’s event here.


The Louisiana Baptists Adult Ministry seeks to provide strategies, training and resources to equip church leaders to become more effective in reaching, teaching, and ministering to adults through Sunday School, Small Groups, Discipleship, for young, middle, and senior adults, married and single adult families. Learn more.

Bible Drill

Bible Drill is a wonderful and exciting ministry opportunity for the local church to help children and their families to hide God’s Word in their hearts. Bible Drill runs in 3 consecutive cycles that change from year to year. Learn more.


On this page you will find links and connections to resources that may be helpful to you in your Children’s Ministry. These resources are provided as a resource to the local church and to anyone ministering to Children and their families. Learn more.


People without a relationship with Jesus Christ are living in the shadow of our steeples. Of the 4.5 million people in Louisiana, nearly 1.8 million do not claim any religious affiliation. That means every third person you see in the store, gas station or in your neighborhood isn’t on anyone’s church roll – much less have a relationship with Jesus Christ. We shouldn’t be surprised. Jesus told us the harvest is huge. Learn more.

Sunday School / Discipleship

Sunday School should be more than just a place to come and study God’s Word. It is also about people. We need to care for one another; care for the lost and care for our world. Mobilize your Sunday School to walk the talk. Learn more.


It is every believer’s responsibility to share the good news of the Gospel. HOWEVER, most believers are unengaged in evangelism. Most relegate the responsibility to someone else. Connect>1 works through your Small Group Ministry … Learn more.


We all like to dream, imagine, set goals, and forge new ground, but it takes work to reach our goals and realize our dreams, practical, boots-on-the- ground, dirty-your-hands effort. All progress begins with, and is, a series of small, practical steps. The Youth Ministry Strategy office can help you reach your goals in youth ministry at your church. We can assist you, your church, and your students. Learn more.

ReGroup Blog

Need some ideas? Learn more.


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