Disaster Relief Donations

Disaster Relief Donations


Many of you may remember that last year Louisiana Baptists generously responded to natural disasters in Colorado and the Midwest. Once again, we are calling on you to help our neighbors in Arkansas, Mississippi and other areas who were recently affected by devastating tornadoes!

thumbnailDisaster Relief is currently organizing teams of trained volunteers to go and serve, but you can be of great assistance by remembering the hurting in your prayers and by donating to the Disaster Relief fund.

Some our our Louisiana Baptist Disaster Relief team volunteers were featured on a news broadcast in Jackson, MS, for their work! Watch the video here.

You can donate online or by mailing a check:

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Hi! I'm the Men’s Ministry & Disaster Relief Strategist. My favorite part of my job is assisting those who need help in times of disaster. If there is a disaster in Louisiana or elsewhere, my heart is always there and my hands and feet are often there as well!