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Three Marriage Rules to Break

I recently ran into someone I knew in high school at the mall in my home town. He was THE DUDE on campus. At college, he married the campus beauty and received an assistantship at a prestigious law school in the northeast which allowed him to return home and begin a successful law office. Amazingly, he remembered […]

7 Declarations to Make Every Day Thanksgiving

If every day was Thanksgiving, I think we’d all be quite a bit heavier! Wouldn’t you agree? There’s a reason we should only celebrate it once a year. Still, for a moment set aside the turkey, the pies, and the cornbread dressing and make a declaration to make every day Thanksgiving day. In other words, […]

10 Classes You Won’t Take in Seminary

Coming together for pastors’ conferences like E4 is so vital to pastors because we are still learning the lessons you miss at seminary. You missed them because they aren’t found in any syllabus. They are only learned in the Seminary of Hard Knocks. Here are a few classes I’ve audited from that fine institution over […]

Giving and Tithing Quotes

“Remember this—you can’t serve God and money, but you can serve God with money.” — Selwyn Hughes “I do not believe one can settle how much we ought to give. I am afraid the only safe rule is to give more than we can spare. —C.S. Lewis “The measure of a life is not its […]

The Sweet 16 of Tithing

So your pastor preaches on giving? Thank him! He’s giving you some important news about one of life’s greatest secrets. A pastor who invites members to tithe invites them into a life-changing, soul-transforming experience that affects every area of their lives. In truth, it’s unfair to you if he’s not teaching you about this principle that’s changed […]

Thanksgiving to God- A Responsive Reading

Here’s an easy, creative responsive reading/prayer you can use this Sunday to thank God together! Leader: In times of trial and grief, Congregation: You remained faithful to us. Leader: In times of heartbreak and uncertainty, Congregation: You were the fortress we ran to. Leader: Some of us have fought cancer and illness. Congregation: Your hands guided us. You are the Good […]

50 Ways to Love Your Pastor

….With apologies to Paul Simon “The problem is all inside your head” he said to me. The deacon who always thought so logically I’d like to help you to help him, supportively. There must be 50 ways to love your pastor! 1. Shake his hand, Fran. 2. Tell him you loved his sermon, Herman. 3. […]

3 Values That Make a Church Beautiful

Living in primitive one-room homes on the side of an active volcano, I experienced a church that personified beauty. Their beauty wasn’t found in ornate stained glass windows or plush carpet. Come to think of it, the church didn’t even have windows or flooring! As we worshiped in Guatemala, looking around, I whispered to myself, […]

40 Fantastic Prayers for the New School Year

Father God, would you…. 1. Strengthen my kids’ resolve to follow You. 2. Protect them from worldviews that will challenge their faith. 3. Allow my children to be influenced by godly men and women within our school. 4. Protect my student from bullies and others that would shame and destroy self-confidence and joy. 5. Make […]