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3 Values That Make a Church Beautiful

Living in primitive one-room homes on the side of an active volcano, I experienced a church that personified beauty. Their beauty wasn’t found in ornate stained glass windows or plush carpet. Come to think of it, the church didn’t even have windows or flooring! As we worshiped in Guatemala, looking around, I whispered to myself, […]

40 Fantastic Prayers for the New School Year

Father God, would you…. 1. Strengthen my kids’ resolve to follow You. 2. Protect them from worldviews that will challenge their faith. 3. Allow my children to be influenced by godly men and women within our school. 4. Protect my student from bullies and others that would shame and destroy self-confidence and joy. 5. Make […]

Surviving Super-drainers

Leaders have to be careful that they don’t spend most of their time around super-drainers. These are people who plug into you every time you see them, and they drain the blood right out of your brain – figuratively speaking, of course. They come in all shapes, sizes and denominations. Here are a few whom […]

The Evolution of Church Staff Positions

10 New Names and 1 Idea! In the eighties, church job titles were pretty simple. We even had decision cards that you could fill out if you felt “called” to “special service.” That’s it. Check the nature of your particular call to ministry and we’ll tell you about the closest Christian College where you can […]

Free Easter Resources: Seven Last Words

During this Easter season we are praying that the message of forgiveness will shake the lives of the unchurched in your house of worship. We want to help you in any way we can. On this page you will find tools that are absolutely free to use and modify in any way you see fit. […]

Easter Sunday Reading: But He Lives

Responsive readings are many times boring, awkward and confusing for worshipers. Here’s an easy worship addition that requires no shuffling of pages and very little direction. Use this easy responsive worship piece on Easter Sunday morning. All the congregation needs to say is simply: “But He lives!” This energetic moment gives everyone the opportunity to […]

Free Creative Presentation: Passion

Looking for a free creative presentation for the Holy Week? Check out this simple and yet powerful remembrance of Christ’s life and sacrifice. You’ll have a powerful presentation that refuses to be forgotten! This drama could be performed as a shadow play and a dramatic reading. For the shadow play, Jesus and a few other […]

He Is Risen: An Easter Collection

He Is Risen! And it’s time to celebrate it! We’ve collected and created beautiful background slides, compelling sermon illustrations and more to help your church celebrate this Easter week. Discover a resource! Videos The Cross Runtime: 3:20 From Vimeo: Watch a beautiful masterpiece come to life as you hear the story of how Jesus gave […]

Worship Resource: The Romance of the Ages

The following two-person dramatic sketch could be done as a reading to augment a sermon on the unconditional love and grace of Jesus. Feel free to photocopy it and share it with others. This sketch works well for any worship event, especially around Valentine’s Day. It ends with a challenge for married couples.