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Merry Christmas to All and to Your Church, Too!

“What would the world be like if…” For whatever reason, that is the question many Christmas novels, movies, and stories ask. It’s an interesting and sometimes haunting question. Perhaps the question encourages us to stop long enough to reflect on what we have been given. In your world, you may have several Mr. Scrooges, Mr. […]

The Mysterious Flag

In the darkest hours of the Revolutionary War, Gen. George Washington unfurled an unusual flag. It wasn’t the stars and stripes. It wasn’t red, white and blue. It was a simple white flag with an evergreen tree sewn on it. Above the tree were the words, “APPEAL TO HEAVEN”. Washington knew he was out-gunned, out-manned […]

Ten Errors of First-Time Deacons

Welcome to life as a deacon! Always exciting, inspiring, fulfilling and self-satisfying. Wait … that’s not exactly true. Let’s start over. Welcome to life as a deacon! It’s much different than you expected. (That’s a little closer to the truth.) As you begin your ministry as a deacon, here are a few common errors to […]

7 Questions Every Father Must Ask

I have a confession to make. As a father, leader and husband I’ve often failed. Often is not a hyperbole either. I mean, I have often failed. If Paul had a thorn in the flesh, I’ve got a briar patch. But as a Christ-follower and a man, I can do two things with my failures. […]

7 Easy Steps to Become A Normal American

What is normal? It’s pretty easy to answer that question. Our nation’s debt is over 21 trillion. Average credit card debt is well over six thousand. So, if you want to be normal, just follow these seven easy steps and you’ll be totally normal! When you reach your credit card limit move all the debt […]

7 Pastor Traps on Mother’s Day

Beware of the trap game. In sports, the trap game is a game played against an opponent generally deemed to be easy to defeat. As a result, a person or team may not prepare as they are looking ahead to next Sunday. For pastors, Mother’s Days are often trap Sundays. But there are a few traps we can […]

6 Challenges in the Midst of Worship Transition

It was 9:30 on a Wednesday night and I happened to be making a late-night milk run as I passed by a church where several of my friends worship. I was amazed that the parking lot was full. Wow! Something amazing must be going on. Revival? Extended prayer? Spiritual awakening? I rolled into the parking […]

Checklist for Easter Sunday

1. Make sure your service time is pinned to the top of your social media pages and websites. Don’t make it difficult for people to find out vital information like your service times. People who aren’t in the habit of attending church need this information. 2. Take a fresh look at your church’s interior and […]