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These resources and opportunities will help you to learn more about missions for children from birth through 6th grade.

For more information about mission education for preschoolers and children, email Christine Gill (GA, CA) or Stan Statham (RA), or call the Women’s Missions & Ministry office at 318.449.4268.

Mission Friends

Mission Friends, for preschooler birth through age 5, is the mission’s education foundation in a church. Mission Friends learn about God and His love for all people and understand that they are part of His plan through learning what the Bible says about God and missions.

Children in Action (CA)

Children in Action, for girls and boys in grades 1-6, is just the mission organization for churches that need a coed approach in involving children in missions education. Using Children in Action materials, a leader can guide younger and older children in mission’s experiences that build foundations for coming to faith in Christ and living missional lives.

Children’s Missions Day

A great day for children (GA, Children in Action, RA) along with their friends and those from you church who are not involved in mission education organizations to do something that will make eternal differences in your community. On this day, the seventh annual Children’s Mission Day, children across the country will be on-mission, doing projects that will enable them to reach out to all generations with the love of Jesus.

Girls in Action (GA)

GA, standing for Girls in Action, is for girls in grades 1-6, and is designed with a girl’s spiritual and missional growth in mind. Mission’s experiences, including Bible stories and scripture memory, mission stories and regular mission action projects help to build on spiritual foundations for girl’s coming to faith in Christ.

Royal Ambassadors (RA)

Royal Ambassadors is a missions education tool for boys grades 1-6 committed to living out the RA Pledge. The pledge is part of personal and chapter accountability. A consultant trained for this is available upon request.

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