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The purpose of GOLA VBS Teams are to serve as a catalyst to churches in the process of revitalization by implementing a successful VBS to discover prospects for the church. The church’s willingness to conduct adequate planning and follow-up of prospects is imperative. Assignments are made in early April and churches are notified of when, or if, a GOLA team will be assigned to their church.

The GOLA VBS Teams of college students partner with Louisiana Baptists through the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering and Cooperative Program (CP) gifts.

Questions? Please contact Jeff Ingram, adult ministry strategist, at Jeff.Ingram@louisianabaptists.org or +318.448.3402.

Hello! I am the Adult Ministry Strategist for Louisiana Baptists. I love meeting one-on-one with church leaders to help them more effectively reach, teach and minister to adults. I recharge by running, reading and gardening.