Compassion Ministry

Compassion Ministry

I didn’t know the church could do “that”.

All over Louisiana, churches are getting involved in helping our neighbors. Creativity is the rule of the day. By helping the under-served, trust is built as an opportunity to share the gospel and bring life change becomes a way of life.

KAIROS # 4: Engage Louisiana Baptist congregations in Compassion Ministries

Compassion Ministry seeks to meet the real and felt needs of people so that the gospel can be delivered, spiritual change is offered, and connection to the local church is realized.

Creativity is affirmed in this non-traditional and very effective ministry activity.

Multi-housing– ministry services and congregationalizing in a variety of multi-housing settings

Homelessness– basic care for those who are in unfortunate circumstances

Tutoring Children and Youth– after school tutoring and care

English as a Second Language– the Hispanic population and other non-English speaking groups are increasing and this ministry is helpful and needed in many communities

Louisiana/World Hunger Ministry– hunger in Louisiana and around the world is a growing concern

Louisiana World Hunger Offering– providing resources to feed the needy in our world

Thrift Stores– for profit stores that provide recycled clothes and goods to people in need

Human trafficking– a growing concern that must offer rescue and resources to those trapped in a “secret” lifestyle

Motorcycle and Cowboy Ministry– reaching a subculture that connects through this activity or hobby

Student Missionaries– encouraging students to be on mission while attending college in Louisiana

Adopt-a-school– schools are very needy in Louisiana and are in need of much assistance

Community Needs Assessment– to assess the readiness of a community to provide a  Compassion Ministry

How do I start a ministry?


1. Every Louisiana Baptist church will engage in at least one local compassion ministry on a regular basis.

2. Louisiana Baptists will create a compassion ministries network in consultation with pastors, DOMs, and leaders of various ministries by 2015. The Louisiana Baptists’ compassion ministry strategist will encourage, monitor and report on this process.

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