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A Night of Fun

Georgia Barnette Offering (GBO) Trivia is a fun way to kick-off your church’s promotion of the Georgia Barnette Louisiana Missions Offering. Get started by making it part of VBS, use it as an icebreaker for your next WMM meeting, or even surprise members with a game at the next budget meeting! The best part? Church members can see the many ways their gifts to the Georgia Barnette Offering directly helps Louisiana Baptists reach our state with the Gospel.

How Do I Do This?

Start by downloading the Trivia Night booklet and pass them out to your participants. Then have individuals or teams circle their answers as an emcee walks everyone through the questions.

But I Don’t Want to Use the Booklet …

You don’t have to! As long as you have the questions and answers in front of an emcee, participants can call out their answers.

I Have Something Else in Mind …

Get creative! You can use this material however you see fit. Do you want to create slides for your worship service? Nice. Do you have a better way to format a quiz night? Awesome. Use this resource however you wish.

To help with that, we’re also providing a Word document with the questions and answers, to make copying the text easier.

Georgia Barnette Trivia Night Quiz