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Thank You!

I enjoy receiving thank you notes. God uses these unexpected words of appreciation to bless and encourage me. With that in mind, allow me to say, “Thank you!” on behalf of those you’ve blessed through your faithful giving through the Cooperative Program. On behalf of the church planter who stepped out on faith and sacrificed […]

Special Call to Prayer

Special call to prayer from SBC President J.D. Greear With the announcement of Dr. Kelly’s retirement from New Orleans Seminary, there are currently five (5) SBC entities searching for a new leader. In light of this reality, SBC President, Dr. J.D. Greear, has asked all Southern Baptists to join him in day of prayer and […]

Reflections on a Half Century of Ministry

I made the decision. I am going to attend the fifty year reunion of my high school graduating class in a few weeks. As I read posts about this event on social media, I think everyone in the class must be having the same questions I do: (1) where did all the time go, and […]

A New Year’s Prayer: Help Us Not to Crumble

At prayer time one evening, a young mother discovered her admonition regarding thankfulness had not been completely understood by her children. She had been encouraging them to always have a grateful spirit and not to complain or grumble. However, when her small child prayed, it came out this way: “Oh Lord, help us not to […]

A Matter of the Heart

We’re constantly reminded that heart disease is the number one killer of Americans. While men generally tend to be affected more than women, the increase of heart disease among women is startling. However, I wonder how significant heart disease is among those of us who are followers of Christ? Physically, we probably fall within the […]

Good News: You’ve Been Heard

Dear Friends, The Executive Board of the Louisiana Baptist Convention has completed its action on the referred motion from the 2016 LBC Annual Meeting concerning the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the SBC (see here for review of the issue and the Executive Board’s determination). As you may have read in the Baptist Message, […]

When the Storms Come

In Luke 6 Jesus makes it clear that it’s not “if” the storms come, but “when” the storms come. For us who call Louisiana home, the storms have come – again. Like many of you, I watched the radars that showed storm, after storm, after storm streaming from south to north. The colors on the […]

4 Ways to Avoid a Blue Christmas

In 1957, Elvis Presley released the song “Blue Christmas” in which he crooned “You’ll be doin’ alright with your Christmas of white but I’ll have a blue, blue Christmas.” Elvis is not the only one who has experienced a blue Christmas. Counselors and researchers have long noted that the Christmas season is associated with sadness, […]

The Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage: A Response

In the days since June 26, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states, I have read and heard numerous commentaries on the subject and have mulled over what I should write to the Louisiana Baptist family. There is more to think about than can be conveyed in one letter (I hope you are availing yourself of resources being provided by respected Christian leaders) but I offer a few observations about how we should respond

Ideas That Stick

In 1892, William Wrigley began placing two pieces of chewing gum in every order of baking powder purchased from his fledgling company. He hoped this “premium” would increase sales. To his surprise (and profit), the gum became more popular than the baking powder. His new brands Juicy Fruit and Spearmint became household names, and the […]