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John Kyle

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What big things have you prayed for during your lifetime?

They change from year to year, don’t they? Think for a moment about your requests through the years:

  • A new bike.
  • A date!
  • Admission to your college of choice
  • Help that special person to say “I do.”
  • Give us a child.
  • Help me understand that child!
  • A raise or a new opportunity.

And finally…

  • Help me keep my teeth!

Notice that these universal prayers center often around me, mine, and ours. It’s easy to spend most of our knee time focusing on ourselves. Even during a pandemic our prayers can take an inward turn. I read a social media meme featuring a small child saying grace before dinner. The caption read, “Lord, please don’t let brussel sprouts be part of the cure for COVID-19!” In the church realm, some pray for their church to grow so they can enjoy new buildings or programs.

On the flip side, what is the most insignificant thing you’ve prayed for? A parking place? For the traffic light to stay green? Eating all the sweets you desire without gaining a pound or an inch?

When is the last time you prayed for a seed? Sounds crazy, I know. Such a little thing and yet, such an important thing. Think about it – we all benefit from seeds.  Without seeds the world would grind to a halt. Without seeds, mankind would starve.

After all, according to one source, the average seed weighs only .24 grams. If I were to drop a single seed, more than likely you wouldn’t see it or hear it. If I threw it at you, you wouldn’t feel it. Such a little thing and at the same time, such an important thing.

Yet, according to the parable of the sower in Mark 4, if this seed finds good soil, it can produce a harvest 30, 60 or even 100 times greater than what was sown.

All of us are beneficiaries of seeds. Sometimes the seed was sown by our parents or grandparents. In my case, they were sown by friends who invited me to church. A seed can come from a billboard, a social media post, a commercial or countless other ways.

Why are seeds so important? Why are these small, seemingly insignificant seeds worthy of your prayers? Because the harvest we long for will not happen until the seed is scattered. The seed in the package has no impact. Talking about the seed is insufficient. The seed in our hand stops short. It’s not until the seed is intentionally and consistently scattered that it has the potential to find good soil. Nothing happens until the seeds are scattered.

The seed is the beginning that leads to an end – if it’s scattered.

So, do we trust the seed? Do we believe the seed of God’s word has the power to change people? To heal marriages? To save families? Redeem a culture?

Here’s the good news, if we’ll scatter the seed, it knows what to do. God has designed the seed in such a way that when it finds good soil, it knows what to do. We may not know what to do, or how it works but by design, the seed knows what to do.

If we long to see a harvest of souls, the question becomes, will we throw the seed? Will we intentionally and consistently scatter the seed of God’s truth and let the seed do what it knows to do?

Make no mistake, we still have to gather the harvest. The farmer in Mark 4 put out a request for assistance to bring in the harvest, but it all begins with a seed.

Do you remember the children’s story of Jack and the Beanstalk? Jack’s mother was furious when he traded their cow for a handful of worthless beans so she threw them out the window – but that is where the adventure began. Nothing happened until the seeds were scattered.

Since 2019, Louisiana Baptists have scattered the seeds of God’s truth in approximately 95% of TV households across the state through Here for You, our multi-media evangelism strategy. These seeds are reaching an average of 250,000 people each month via social media and streaming services. Over 1,100 people have indicated a decision for Christ through our partnership with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association since January of 2020.

Visit, enter: luke1423 and see how you can connect yourself and your church with this effort.

The seeds are doing their thing – beginning the process of drawing people to Jesus.

Will you pray for these seeds? Pray they find good soil. Pray God will protect and nourish the seeds and pray God will harvest the hearts of those who are ready.

Remember, when the seeds are scattered, the adventure begins!

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John Kyle
Greetings! I’ve had the privilege of serving the Lord, and you, as Director of Communications since February of 2012. I love working with my team to creatively communicate the Gospel to large numbers of people. I am somewhat of a movie buff. I primarily enjoy hanging out with my wife of 40+ years, Kathy, and our three grown children and their families, which currently includes five grandchildren! Isaiah 50:7 from the Living Bible paraphrase is my life verse. It’s a great promise – check it out!

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