No Sunday School

What do I do when my Church has Cancelled Worship and Sunday School?

In light of all that is happening in our world, many churches are cancelling programs, events and services. There are three things every church MUST Do.

LIVE Worship – There is still a need for people to weekly engage in the big conversations about the church and its role in the community. Facebook Live is probably the quickest way to reach the majority of your congregation. To use Facebook Live, simply use your phone. Open the Facebook app. Near the top on the left, hit the LIVE button. Start the video. NOTE: Two important things. Audio is challenging. Speak clearly and succinctly. Secondly, at the end, make sure it is recorded on your phone and saved on Facebook on your account. If you are searching for help, contact other churches or your ASM (formerly Director of Missions) for assistance.

Tithe – As of today, Tuesday, March 18, 2020, Lifeway has offered an electronic method for receiving member’s tithes for free. Just go to: This will show you how to set it up for your church. In addition, encourage members that don’t do digital to simply mail the tithe check into the church office as often as they put it in the offering plate. DO NOT be afraid to share the needs and concerns to the church about finances.

Weekly Contact – In order to survive this pandemic, people will need to be contacted weekly by staff, deacons and Sunday School teachers. Everyone should be contacted by phone every week and prayed for and encouraged. Connectivity is important, especially at times like these. The consistency of contact and relationships are vital in making sure you still have a group to come back after all of this has passed.

Just remember, this too shall pass. Love on your people, encourage them and do all you can to keep them connected to God and one another.


Contact Info:

Sean Keith
Sunday School/Discipleship Strategist
Louisiana Baptist Convention
Cell: 318-613-4837