WAS My Church Multiplication Ready? Covid-19 WAS THE TEST!

Multiplication Readiness is a great mark of maturity for any church (see my post Is My Church Multiplication Ready). The Covid-19 crisis WAS THE TEST! How did your church do? We now have some new gauges for multiplication readiness, along with some that have been talked about for years.

  1. Were you ready for Online Engagements? My church had made the jump to online giving years ago, but our web and video presence was and is lacking. Were you able to continue disciple making, pastoral care, delivering the gospel via technology? What do you need to acquire or get educated on going forward? How can you prepare to continue to make connections with your church and community no matter what happens?
  2. Were your disciples ready to make disciples? North American churches with our emphasis on church branding, seem at times to be focused on keeping people dependent upon us and coming back for more church, instead of training and releasing disciples who make disciples. Scattered by the current crisis, how did your disciples do? Were they equipped to share the gospel? To lead their family in devotions? To feed themselves spiritually?
  3. Were you ready to meet the needs of silos of leadership and population segments in your city? Do the local government leaders, apartment complex managers, school officials, neighborhood spokespeople have your number and know of your willingness to serve? Churches able to meet needs in the early days of a crisis will be the ones that have established relationships BEFORE the crisis.

If this test has been difficult for you and your church (and it was for most), you can begin preparing now for the next test and for the new world we’ll live in after this crisis subsides.


  • Develop new and technological ways to communicate.
  • Develop equipping and training that prepares disciples to make disciples of everyone, everywhere.
  • Build relational tracks in your city that the Gospel can run on no matter what.

Let us know how our team can help.